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California Tire-Derived Product Catalog

August 2014

CaliforniaDepartmentOf Resources, Recycling AndRecovery

The statements and conclusions of this report are thoseof the contractor andnot necessarily thoseof theCaliforniaDepartment of Resources, Recycling andRecovery, its employees or theStateof California. TheStatemakes nowarranty, express or implied, and assumes no liability for the information contained in the succeeding text.

Leidos, AnSAICCompanymakes no representations or warranties, express or implied: (1) as to the suitabilityor safetyof any useof aparticular product derived fromwaste tires, (2) that any use complieswithor contravenes any specific requirements or regulations, or (3) as to theproduct benefit claims listedherewith. Leidos does not purport to address safety concerns, if any, associatedwithwaste tirebyproducts, and assumes no liability for any useof waste tirebyproducts or for the information contained in this document. It is the responsibilityof theuser of waste tirebyproducts toestablish appropriate safety andhealthpractices anddetermine the applicabilityof regulatory limitations prior touse. Anymentionof individual businesses and their commercial products shouldnot be construed as anendorsement of suchproducts or processes.

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Purpose TheCaliforniaTire-DerivedProductCatalog isdesigned to raiseawareness about the large rangeof products made from recycled tires and their benefits. Thecatalog is intended toassist anyonewithan interest inpurchasingand usinghigh-quality tire-derivedproducts. Thismay include, for example: AboutThisCatalog

content for thecatalog is thecompanies themselves, and theproduct “sell sheets” included in thecatalogwere gathereddirectly from thesefirms.CalRecycleattempted to include information fromall knownCalifornia-based firmsproducingproductsmade fromCaliforniawaste tires. While there isnocharge for acompanyand their products tobe included in theCatalog,CalRecycle seeks toensure all products listedaremade from recycled tiresgenerated inCalifornia. Tobe included, firmsmust alsohavean operatingpresence inCaliforniaand satisfyother criteriaas listed inAppendixA.CalRecycledidnot validatecompany marketingclaims, andmakesnoguarantees regarding product qualityor performance. ForMore Information TheCaliforniaTire-DerivedProductCatalog is a living document.CalRecyclewill periodicallymakeedits and revisions topresent thebest andmost comprehensive informationon thegrowing rangeof productsmadeby California licensed tire-derivedmanufacturers and tire- derivedmaterial suppliers.QualifiedCaliforniafirmswithan interest inbeing included in thecatalogorwithcomments and suggestions shouldcontact JenniferCaldwell of CalRecycleat Formore informationonCalRecycle’sWasteTire Management Programand the state’s tire recycling industry, visit:

• Architects, owners andcontractorsworkingongreen buildingconstructionprojects;

• School, playgroundor parkmanagers looking for safe andproven surfacingand landscapingproducts; and

• Facilitymanagersor individuals looking for innovative recycled-content products tomeet a varietyof needs.

TheCatalogwaspreparedby theCaliforniaDepartment of ResourcesRecyclingandRecovery (CalRecycle) aspart of abroader tire recyclingmarket development program aimedat expandinganddiversifyingmarkets for discarded tiresgenerated inCalifornia. Strong recyclingmarketshelp ensure that the state’swaste tiremanagement infrastructure thrives, therebymaximizing recycling industryemployment through value-addedmanufacturing, keeping tiresout of landfills andhelping toachieveCalifornia’s 75percent recyclinggoal. In201292percent of thediscarded tires in Californiawerediverted from the landfill, and theoverall Statediversion rate for all wastematerialswas about 65percent. InformationSources andMethodology Onepurposeof theCatalog is to support themarketing activitiesofCaliforniafirms involved in recycling tires. Consequently, theprimary sourceof informationand

Acknowledgments CalRecyclewould like to thankall of thefirms, individuals andorganizations that contributed informationand/or supported thiseffort bydonating their timeand resources.

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Tire-Derived Products By Category

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Tire-derived accessibilityproducts provide safe, cost effective, beneficial properties to the manufactured and installedADA compliant accessible routes at playgrounds and sport court, building and residential transition andentry level landing, ramps, walking, running surfaces andmore.

AccessibilityBenefitsMay Include:

• Accessibility formobilitydevices • Enhanced comfort whenwalking and running • Reduced liability from slipping, falling and tripping inwet or dry conditions • Product durability andperformance in all climates • Easymaintenance and installation • Resistance to cracking, breaking and chipping • Reduced stormwater run-off dependingonproduct • Preserves urban trees as flexibilityof product allows for tree root growth

AccessibilityApplicationsMay Include: • Sport edge reducers • Transition ramps

• Rampend landings • Accessible routes • Sidewalks • Walking and running surfaces (800)-858-0519


10 Year Warranty

Benefits •

Tips •

Use indoors or outdoors

Complete systemof edges, corners, transitions and ramps available

Interlocking tiles helpensure installation accuracyand securityover time Easy to repair -- only thedamaged tileneeds to be removedand replaced

Create checkerboardor other patterns using tiles of various colors

Highly accessible surfacingoption

RecycledRubber Tiles Interlocking tiles areavailable inyour choiceof pigmented rubber topor EPDM top. Rubber tiles offer superior shockabsorption, lowmaintenance, longwear, andaccessibility. They arealsoperfect for indoor applications inaddition tooutdoor since there is noon sitemixing required. Our InterlockingTileutilizes apatent pending, locking edge to reduce lateral shift, corner lift, and strainon tiles. Brightly coloredEPDM topped tiles arealsoavailable,

whichoffer abroader rangeof colorsand increaseddurability.

Basic Specifications •Solid colorsandmulti-colored tiles

•Various thicknesses for your playground’s fall height •Sub-base shouldbe concrete, asphalt, or compacted aggregatewith suitabledrainage

Tile InstallationDetail

Designed tooutperformany tile on themarket, the Interlocking Tile is easy to

install and resistant to lifting and shifting. (800)-858-0519 (800)-858-0519

Poured inPlaceRubber

Poured in PlaceRubber 

Oneof thebest surfaces for ADAaccessibility

Wide rangeof colors



Supreme PIP

Supreme PIP 

Standard TPV


7-year limitedwarranty Up to12+ foot fall height


RecycledBonded Rubber  100%Recycled  Natural look of loose fill surfacing  Manycolor options


Maintenance  Roll Coat– strengthens the surfaceand brightens lookof colors  Patching&Roll Coat– fungraphic patching tocorrectminor repairs anddamages  Re-Top– resurfacing thatwill repair anymajor holes or cracks in the top layer Loose Fill Rubber &Wood Fiber  Provides superior fall attenuationand gives areaanattractive/natural look

Wood Fiber

Loose Fill

Phone: 714-904-8219 Email:

safety surfacing systems

SpectraPourCA, ahighvalue tire-derived rubber playsurface, is designed tomeet the requirementsof theCaliforniaCalRecycleTire DerivedProduct (TDP)Grant Program.Other thanchanges to the cushionmatrix, SpectraPourCA isvisually identical toSpectraPour andhassimilar requirements for sub-basesetupand installation. SpectraPour CA is available in24colors and is used tocreate playgrounds inawide rangeof shapes anddesigns. Because it is formed inplace, SpectraPour CAcanbedesignedand installed toprovideADA accessible routes toexistingplaygrounds andaccessibilitywithin theplay surfacearea; retrofit existingplay areas; and fill entirenewplaygrounds withquality rubber surfacing. SpectraPour CAconforms toASTMF1292 for head impact protectionandASTMF1951 forwheelchair accessibility. SpectraPour CA is comprisedof acushion layer of recycled tire rubber materials, witha½” thickwearing surfaceof rubber granuleswithcushion layermodifications tomeet theCalreycleTDP requirements. Fall heights from4’ CFH to12’ CFHmaybeaccommodatedwithSpectraPour CA. AdditionallySpectraPour CA is IPEMAcertified. IPEMA, the International PlayEquipmentManufacturer’sAssociation is an independent, thirdparty evaluatorwhich reviewsquality ofmaterials installationand tomaintain SpectraTurf adherence toASTM, ADAandother standards. Spectra Pour CA

500E. RinconStreet #100 Corona, CA 92879-1352 Ph951.736.3579 800.875.5788 Fx951.734.3630

LEEDPoint Contribution • LEEDNCCreditMRc4 (1-2points)%byweight of post consumer content (points vary by system thickness and color ratios) Regionally harvested andmanufactured - SpectraPour contributes toLEED credits for materials and resources usedon aproject site within500miles of our Corona, CA location. • LEEDNCCredit SSc5.2 (1point) Pedestrian hardscape areas canbe counted as open space • LEEDNCCredit SSc6.1 (1point) Pervious Surface • LEEDNCCredit SSc7.1 (1point)MinimumSRI of 29 (allowableon colors • LEEDNCCredit MRc5 (1-2points)

SpectraPour CAmaybe installedover Type2 roadbase, concrete, or asphalt surfaces.

1102, 1202, 1306, 1308, 1403, 1503, 1703, 1708, 1806, 1808, 1904, 1906)

Fundedby CalRecycleGrant

World’s Largest Selection of Transitions | 800 . 497 . 2003 311 Otterson Drive Suite 10 . Chico. CA. 95928

EntryLevel™ Landings

GO GREEN SafePath’s™ ramping systems are environmentally sustainable and we were the first to provide green product solutions for multiple surface transitions. Our Products are made from 100% post consumer passenger and truck tires

ADA LANDINGS Our EntryLevel™ Landings offer a maneuverable level surface and sloped access for a maximum three-sided approach at door thresholds. | 800 . 497 . 2003 311 Otterson Drive Suite 10 . Chico. CA. 95928 | 800 . 497 . 2003 311 Otterson Drive Suite 10 . Chico. CA. 95928

BE SAFE SafePath’s™ products help protect against slip, trip, and fall litigation with slip resistant properties. All SafePath™ products meet requirements set forth by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) and provide surface properties as recommended by ADA guidelines.



WE PROVIDE ACCESS SafePath™ offers hundreds of

product solutions for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and access code compliance.

Recycle In Style


Nutmeg Brown

Granite Grey

Antique Bronze

Sky Blue

Brick Burgundy



Our products are made from 100% recycled passenger and truck tires | 800 . 497 . 2003 311 Otterson Drive Suite 10 . Chico. CA. 95928



Awide varietyof tire-derivedproducts are available for use in animal care applications.Mats and tiles used inbarns and stables canprovide safe, easy-to-maintain surfaces ideal for horse and livestock care. Arena footing incorporating crumb rubber canprovideenhanced safety anddurability compared to traditional products. Animal CareBenefitsMay Include: • Enhanced animal andhuman safety • Reduced injuries due tobetter cushioning, impact absorption and slip-resistance • Lowermaintenance costs due to reducedneed to replenishdegradingmaterials andeasy-to- clean surfaces • Enhancedequestrianperformancedue tobetter traction and slip-resistance • Easy installation • Enhanceddurabilityproviding long lasting, consistent performance • Improved insulatingprotection fromwet and cold • Cost effective

Animal CareApplicationsMay Include: • HorseArenaFootings • Exercise andDressageAreas • Barn andStableFlooring • Animal Bedding • AnimalWashAreas • DogParks

Arena Crumb Rubber

1 (951) 214-6590


Physical Characteristics

Work Your Animals Hard…. BAS Keeps Them Safe

12 0 26 45

22 8 35 60

Acetone Extract Ash Carbon Black Rubber Hydrocarbon


sofSAND is a recycled, crumb rubber used as an infill rubber that is mixed with sand to add resilience, reduce dust and improve drainage in equestrian applications.



- - - - -

0% 30% 60% 75% 98%

2% 60% 95%

1/4” 8 Mesh 16 Mesh 20 Mesh 30 Mesh


100% 100%


Improves Drainage and will not freeze

- Test Method 100 grams, 10 minutes, Rotap Shaker

Environmentally Friendly, made from 100% recycled tires

- Values “typical”, custom blends available to meet any specification requirement.

Reduces dust and mud

Reduces sound levels

Reduces injuries

Softens footing under hoof and adds cushion when riders fall Will not blow away, reduces annual replenishment costs

Available black or colored


50LB Bags or 2,000LB Sacks

14050 Day Street ∙ Moreno Valley ∙ CA ∙ 92553


Rubber Mats for Animal Care


• 4’ x 6’ heavy duty rubber mat • 1/2” or 3/4” thickness

• Pebble or flat top design • 20 or 40 count per pallet • Stay in place well once placed • Made from 100% recycled scrap tire rubber

Benef i ts • Maintenance free - eliminates holes • Reduces muddy areas in rainy season • Easy to clean - shovel, sweep or hose off • Resilient - designed for livestock traffic • Insulates animals from wet and cold • Reduces airborne dust • Slip resistant - reducing fall injuries • Increased cushion for hooves and joints • More sanitary envirnoment for animals

Headquartered in Northern California, Rubber Bark, Inc. is the market leader in recycled rubber products made from scrap tires. We have been making environmentally friendly products since 1967 on our 1 million square-foot facility. Each year, we recycle over 1/3 of Northern California’s scrap tires and we prevent over 4 million tires from entering landfills!

P.O. Box 12, Ballico, CA 95303 | 209.634.8849 | |

We are a company that continues to innovate.

TurningTires IntoTiles!

Swisstrax is one of the country’s top producers of interlocking floor tiles

keeps thousands of tires out of landfills every year.

made from recycled tires. We know that the equestrian market appreciates and demands superior performance, which is why our recycled rubber tiles, Rubbertrax , are designed to be one of the longest-lasting, highest valued recycled flooring systems for the industry. Easy to install with no tools required, our tiles provide great footing for horses while a full 1/4” drainage channel through the bottom of the tiles eliminates any puddles during washing. Lightweight, unlike conventional rubber mats, Rubbertrax tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Specifications • Made from PolyDyne Engineered Rubber Powder. • Chemical resistant. • PP & Polydyne material. • Standard Test DIN 18032, NFSI, WGEG. • No pollution to drinking water. • 7 Year warranty. Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring from Swisstrax comes in black, and

Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring from Swisstrax has been LEED Certified because it contains 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled content and is the only recycled rubber flooring tile of its kind. Rubbertrax flooring is made almost entirely from materials in the local region. Studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that more than two million tons of used carpet are dumped into the nation’s landfills annually. Rubbertrax flooring keeps tons of material out of landfills. Rubbertrax enables consumers to purchase a superior product with the added benefit of protecting the environment. Puddles are eliminated and clean-up is made easy with Rubbertrax’s 1/4” drainage channels

Tile Size Info • 15.75” x 15.75”, Height 0.75” Swisstrax Modular Flooring @swisstrax

Applications • Wash Areas • Stalls • Stable Supply Rooms • Event Floors and Display Pads • Walkways • Entrance Areas (866) 748-7940 82-579 Fleming Way #A, Indio, CA 92201

TheRubbertraxprogram is funded inpartbyaCalRecyclegrant.


Swisstraxoffersapracticalandmodernalternativeto standardconcreteandepoxyflooring.

Where formmeets function.

Garages AirplaneHangars Patios Pools Showrooms

Eventfloors Displaypads Workshops

ResidentialFlooring Swisstrax offers theperfect solution to improve the lookof your residential floor.Our residential floor tilesarealsoagreat way tocoverupanyflooring imperfections suchascracks or stains.


CommercialFlooring Swisstrax commercial flooring isaperfectway to livenupyourbusinessorwork

Sturdyanddependablesolid tile.

Garages Showrooms Eventfloors

Displaypads Workshops

space.Ourmodular floor is appealing to theeye, easy to cleanandwill last for years. Customizeyour floorwithyour logo inserted into it.


• Do-it-YourselfProject • HighRolloverStrength • Non-SlipWhenWet • Easy toClean&Maintain • SuperiorQuality&Design • UVStabilizerBuilt intoMaterial • Chemical Resistant • 15YearWarranty • Over20MillionSqFt Installed

Boldandnon-slipsolid tile.

Garages Showrooms Gyms

Eventfloors Displaypads Workshops

Superbmulti-use functionality.

Gyms Volleyball courts Badmintoncourts Boats/docks Garages Pools/spas/decks

Basketball courts Tenniscourts Inline/Roller Hockeyarenas Basement RecreationRooms


Smoothsolid texturedfinish.

Dancefloors Showrooms Offices Gyms

Eventfloors Displaypads Playrooms | (866)748-7940

82-579FlemingWay#A, Indio, CA92201

SwisstraxModular Flooring


Tri-C Tire Recycling Division

Tri-C Arena Footing

premium, eco-friendly ground rubber product

Benefits • Superior traction • Shock absorbing • Reduces dust and mud • Easy to install • Low maintenance • Long lasting and durable • Wire free • Excellent drainage

Tri-CArena Footing crumb rubber footings are the premium choice for horse arenas. The sized reduced rubber is ideal for dressage, jumping, and all purpose arenas. Tri-C’s Arena Footing will reduce stress related injuries to horses by cushioning their joints. Riders and horses both enjoy its slightly springy feel, while still being resistant to slipping and sliding. Tri-CArena Footing has low replacement cost, minimal dust and mud, it is non-freezing, and requires care free maintenance. Enjoy the resilience and durability of Tri-CArena Footing , made 100% recycled tire rubber. This affordable product will perform year around in both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Sizes • 1/4” to 3/4” Colors • Black

Applications • Horse jumps

• Dressage arenas • Arena footings • Barns & stables • Exercise arenas

Tri-C Manufacturing, Inc. – Leader in Recycling Technology 512 Harbor Boulevard | West Sacramento, CA 95691 t 916.371.1700 | f 916.371.8181 | w

Funded by CalRecycle Grant

Full Service Tire Recycler from Collection to End Product West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Solutions™ by West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Equestrian GroundRubber Equestrian is a remarkable rubber granule made from 100% California scrap tires. This amazing product is ideal for both Hunter Jumper and Dressage disciplines; it is designed to provide traction and shock absorption to protect your animal’s joints and tissues. Improve your arena’s appearance by mixing GroundRubber Equestrian with new sand, or add to existing sand. GroundRubber Equestrian is a long-lasting product that will improve your horse’s performance, reduce maintenance, and will remain attractive for years to come.



• Black

• Impact absorbing • Attractive and natural looking • Helps control dust • Long lasting • Does not decompose • Easy to install • Easy to maintain • Environmentally safe Applications • Exercise and dressage arenas • Barns and stables • Horse jumps and runs • Arena footings


• 3/8” to 3/4”

Coverage 1 Ton GroundRubber Equestrian will cover:

• 900 square feet at 1” depth. • 600 square feet at 1.5” depth. Maintenance • Minimal maintenance required

West Coast Rubber Recycling, Inc. 1501 Lana Way, Hollister, CA 95023 t 831.634.2800 f 831.634.2801 e FundedbyCalRecycleGrant



Anumber of tire-derivedproducts areused indiverse automotive applications. Specialized recycled rubber compounds areused in tiremanufacture and retreading, in automotive coating systems and as tire sealants. And, tire-derivedwheel stopsmadewith crumb rubber areused inparking lots. AutomotiveBenefitsMay Include: • New and retread tiresmadewith recycled tire rubber compounds offer: improved tirewear and longer life; enhancedwet/drygrip; better skid resistance • Tire-derived automotive coating systems provide: durability and flexibility; easeof application and maintenance; resistance tooil, solvents andweather; and arewaterproof anddurable • Tire-derived tire sealants provide increased safetydue to fewer tirepunctures, blowouts and flats • Tire-derivedwheel stops are: highlydurable and long-lasting; able to absorb vehicle impacts and degrade very slowly compared to alternativeproducts • Cost effective compared tonot using theproduct or using alternativeproducts

AutomotiveApplicationsMay Include: • Specialized rubber compounds used in tiremanufacture and retreading • Coating systems used to for bedliner andunderbodyprotection • Tire sealants used for passenger vehicles and in industrial grade vehicles • Wheel stops used inparking lots



Kirkhill Tire Compound Kirkhill’s dedication to sustainability begins with its mission to develop high value end uses for end-of-life rubber materials. Kirkhill has developed processes and size reduction technology that reduces scrap tires into active crumb raw materials which replace virgin rubber materials in rubber compounds. Through this innovation and technology breakthrough Kirkhill has developed a range of off-the road (OTR) tire compounds that offers end product users the following benefits. • 100% California tire derived material • 100% Post-consumer recycled • Diverts scrap tires from landfill • Positive carbon footprint • Creates new uses for end-of-life materials • Reduces raw material usage • Improved wear – longer tread life • Lower rolling resistance – reduces fuel usage • Enhanced wet and dry grip • Better skid resistance • Lower operating temperatures • Reduces compound costs Performance Environment

Funded by a CalRecycle Grant

Kirkhill Manufacturing Company 12023 Woodruff Ave. Downey, CA 90241 t 562.803.1117 f 562.803.3117 e

reRubber Automotive Coating System reRubber Automotive Coating products are made with recycled rubber particles. The rubber in our products comes from California recycled waste tires. In the U.S. alone, there are nearly one billion used tires that are stockpiled in landfills with hundreds of millions of tires being discarded annually. We are committed to waste tire diversion efforts and are continuously improving our products to include more rubber and achieve better functionality. reRubber Automotive Bedliner & Underbody Protection reRubber Automotive Bedliner & Underbody Protection is the only coating in the world that infuses recycled rubber and glass to create an ultra durable and flexible rubber-glass matrix for optimal protection of truck beds and metal substrates. It withstands abuse, looks professional, easy to apply, resists oils and solvents and is half the price of its competitors. The Breakthrough Technology The formula used in developing reRubber Automotive Bedliner contains recycled rubber densely suspended in a water-based, non- toxic, non-carcinogenic, acrylic paint. The crushed rubber particles create a totally waterproof and incredibly durable surface. Typically, traditional acrylic paints have lacked the strength for rugged outdoor applications but with the inclusion of recycled rubber and glass we have been able to make a product that is highly durable, flexible, incredibly weather resistant, and easy to apply.


Funded by CalRecycle Grant.

Key Features 

No sanding required

Brush, roll, or spray application

 Cold weather application (down to 45° F)  Easy to apply/ maintain  Quick-cure  Dent & scratch resistant  Resists oils & solvents

Benefits 

100% California scrap tires

 70%+ of post consumer recycled content  Eliminates demand on our limited natural resources  Costs equal of less than comparable alternatives  Easy to apply, reduce labor cost  Non-toxic, low VOC

Specifications • RESIN TYPE: Acrylic Water-base. • COVERAGE: Approximately 3 gal/ per 6 ft truck bed • DFT (dry film thickness): 7-10 mils • CURES: 72 hours

Funded by CalRecycle Grant.

reRubber Tire Sealant - inTire Seal

Whether you have a car, SUV or truck, InTire Seal will increase the reliability and safety of your vehicle. The formula coats the inside of your tire preventing air leakage, tire blowouts and flats caused by punctures and accidents. This also extends your tire life and increases your gas mileage by keeping tires at optimal inflation, saving you money. How does it work? When penetration occurs, the tire pressure forces InTire Seal into the wound area sealing instantaneously around the penetrating object. If the object self extracts then, as the tire rotates the tread area is deformed when in contact with the road surface, the puncture wound is forced open and the product is forced into the puncture wound by the air pressure within the tire. Is it safe? InTire Seal is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. inTire Seal complies with all Toxic Substance Authority requirements, and its main ingredient, Propylene Glycol, is an additive found many food products. What about extreme temperatures? InTire Seal has been extensively tested by RAPRA (Rubber and Plastics Research Association) and is certified to -45 degrees without freezing and remains stable at temperatures up to 155 degrees. Regular vs. Industrial grade The InTire Seal formula is designed specifically for passenger vehicles, providing enough liquidity to maintain optimal effectiveness, preventing punctures up to 1/4" (6mm) in diameter. We also produce an Industrial-Grade formula designed specifically for industrial and commercial uses, such as construction, farm, trucking, and other large vehicles. The thicker, heavy-duty formula is for huge tires and extreme conditions as it prevents punctures up to 1/2" (12mm) in diameter.

Funded by CalRecycle Grant.


Easy to install


Non-toxic & non-hazardous Will not affect TPMS in wheels

 Works on regular and industrial size vehicle tires  Made from recycled products  Eliminates demand on our limited natural resources  100% California scrap tires


Permanently repairs punctures

Extends tire life

Keeps your tires cool

 Maintain tire pressure by sealing the micro-pores  Provides optimum gas mileage  Keep tires in balance

Easy Installation

While the Tires remain on the Car 1. The valve stem is removed from the tire.

2. The pre-calculated amount of the product is pumped into the tire. 3. The valve stem is replaced and proper tire pressure is confirmed. 4. The vehicle should be driven to spread the product about the tire.

While balancing and rotating the tires (removing the Tires from the car) 1.

Once the tires have been balanced the valve stem is removed. 2. The pre-calculated amount of the product is pumped inside the tire. 3. When the valve stem is replaced, the tire pressure should be confirmed. 4. The tire can be spun on the wheel balancer to spread the product aroundthe tire before mounting the wheel on the vehicle.


Funded by CalRecycle Grant.

Full Service Tire Recycler from Collection to End Product West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Solutions™ by West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Wheel Stop GroundRubber Wheel Stops are made of molded rubber. They are lightweight, durable, last longer than concrete wheel stops and are easy-to-install. Being made of rubber, they can absorb and redistribute impact and reduce the risk of damage to vehicles or property when parking.

Spike Installation Kit


• Shock absorption • Does not decompose • Easy to install • Easy to maintain • Environmentally safe

The following are available: • 3 foot GroundRubber Wheel Stop (requires 1 Spike Kit, sold separately) • 6 foot GroundRubber Wheel Stop (requires 2 Spike Kits, sold separately) • Spike Kits (contains 2 spikes)

Colors • Black with White Reflective Tape • Black with Yellow Reflective Tape • All Black Sizes

• 3 Feet • 6 Feet

West Coast Rubber Recycling, Inc. 1501 Lana Way, Hollister, CA 95023 t 831.634.2800 f 831.634.2801 e FundedbyCalRecycleGrant



Tire-derivedballisticproducts includeballisticbackstops and tiles, andpaddingused inhand-to- hand combat pits for trainingexercises. Theseproducts offer improved safety andperformanceover their conventional alternatives.

Ballistic Product BenefitsMay Include: • Reduced injuries due to impact absorption • Easy to install andmaintain • Excellent bullet capture reducing ricochets and reducing airborne leaddust • Reducednoise levels • Durable and long-lasting

Ballistic Product ApplicationsMay Include: • Ballistic rubber backstops and tiles • Rifle, pistol andballistic ranges • Live fire tactical training facilities • Hand-to-hand combat trainingpits

Ballistic Rubber Tiles

Paragon Tactical Ballistic Rubber Tiles (BRTs) possess significant advantages when compared to other rubber tiles used in shooting range environments. The Ballistic Rubber Tiles from Paragon Tactical can be applied on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors. They facilitate the capture of bullets to prevent ricochets and lead splashback, in addition to drastically reducing lead dust. BRTs are also helpful in attenuating noise levels— a feature especially noticed on indoor ranges. The typical BRT tile measures 24” x 24” and come in different thicknesses of 1”, 1.5” and 2”. Colors available include black, red and green, with black being the most common. Field reports indicate that each tile can handle any- where from 1,500–2,000 rounds of ammunition before requiring replacement.

Ballistic Rubber Tiles


Ballistic Rubber Tile

Ballistic Acoustical tile channel design is used for both wall protection and sound attenuation around bullet traps, firing ranges, safety walls, shoothouse applications and other areas where durable wall protection is required in a ballistic environment. For superior ballistic wall covering protection.






24” X 24” X 1.5”

24” X 24” X 2.0”

24” X 24” X 1.0”


21 lbs

31 lbs

40 lbs


BMT-3xx0B (Black)

 High density rubber compound (density of approx 60 lbs per ft.)  Recommended application consists of a laminate method using rubber tile, OSB wood and AR rated steel plating  Molded via pressurized heat form & bonding compounds (“hot process”)  Eliminates ricochets and lead “splashback”  Minimizes airborne lead pollution  Reduces both indoor and outdoor noise levels  Each tile can take approximately 2000-3000 rounds before needing replacement (based on tile thickness and avg. FMJ pistol round) One (1) year warranty on material and manufacturing defects Since we cannot control the use of our products, we neither imply nor accept any liability for the misuse of the product




 Attached with finish nails, screws or adhesive  For use on Indoor or Outdoor applications Call for price quote and availability



Other sizes and types are available; pure acoustical tiles also available Call for availability of additional or custom ballistic tiles and designs


Call for Pricing

Please visit or call PH: 800-482-6994 (U.S.) Paragon Tactical, Inc.  1580 Commerce Street, Corona CA, 92880


Tri-C Tire Recycling Division

Tri-C Ballistic Rubber

premium, eco-friendly ground rubber product

Benefits • Long Lasting • High Durability • Reduces Bullet Ricochet

Tri-C Ballistic Rubber is a

Applications • Rifle, Pistol, and Ballistic Ranges • Live Fire Tactical Training Facilities • Ballistic Baffles Sizes • 3/4” truck tire rubber nuggets Colors • Black

remarkable rubber backstop ideal

for Rifle, Pistol, and Ballistic Ranges. Tri-C Ballistic Rubber

• Promotes Gun Range Safety • Lessens Noise Attenuation • Accommodates rifle and pistol calibers • Safest range system Optimize • Rifles, pistols and shotguns can be use shot right up to the backstop surface • Shooting range containment system • Minimizes environmental hazards • Use 3/4” rubber truck tire nuggets wire free • Will contribute to LEED credits for materials and resources LEED NC Credits MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 (1-2 points) contribute to obtaining LEED credits • Rifle and pistol bullet trap and range backstops

is designed to encapsulate fired

ammunition, reduce noise attenuation,

and cut down on bullet ricochet.

Made from 100% California scrap tires, Tri-C Ballistic Rubber

is a non-decomposable product

that controls air-borne lead dust and

reduces water runoff while being environmentally friendly. Tri-C Ballistic Rubber is a safe

containment system that is a reliable

and effective alternative to the

conventional metal sheets.

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Full Service Tire Recycler from Collection to End Product West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Solutions™ by West Coast Rubber Recycling

GroundRubber Hand-to-Hand Combat Mix Our GroundRubber Nuggets are a perfect material for hand-to-hand combat pits. Government agencies and military training units are using our rubber nugget product as a safe alternative for padding during combat training as opposed to the traditional harden sand pits. GroundRubber nugget mix is a stable, yet flexible surface capable of withstanding the rigors of combat drills. The specially designed rubber nugget mix forms a resilient, impact absorbing and soft landing pad that helps prevent fatigue and injury during training exercises. GroundRubber hand-to-hand combat mix has excellent drainage and eliminates dust and bare spots assuring year round use of the combat pits.


• Impact absorbing • Excellent drainage • Resilient • Reduces injuries • Easy to install • Low maintenance

• Long lasting • Reduces dust • Made from 1005 California scrap tires Colors • Black Sizes • 3/8” to 1”

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Several tire-derivedbuilding constructionproducts are available, fromwaterproofingmembranes and sealants to sound control acoustical underlayment toportable and reusable industrialmats used to create safepathways in temporary construction zones. Theseproducts aredesigned todeliver the uniqueperformancebenefits of rubber to specialized applicationswhere they aremost needed. Building&ConstructionBenefitsMay Include: • Waterproofingmembranes and coatingsmay: bebreathable, bridge cracks in concrete andother materials; offer UV resistancewhenexposed; heat resistance; breathable and flexible; andbe suitable for indoor or outdoor use • Acoustical underlaymentsmay reduce sound transmissionbetween andwithin floorswhere they are installed; act as a crack suppressionmembraneover concrete floors andproviding cushion and insulationproperties under ceramicor laminate floor systems • Industrialmats areportable and reusable, increase safety andhelp to creatework flow channels at temporarywork sites

Building&ConstructionApplicationsMay Include: • Waterproofing coatings for: o Fixed features such as fountains, pools, spillways and aquatic tanks o Planter boxes and foundations o Concrete,masonry andother constructionmaterials

o Decks andpedestrianbridges o Water andwastewater facilities

• Waterproofingmembranes for: o Roofingunderlayment

o Chimney, window andwall flashing o Deck systems and concrete foundations • Acoustical and cushioningunderlayment under installed ceramicor laminate floors • Crack suppressant over concrete floors and foundations • Creationof safewalkways in temporarywork and construction areas

MiraFlex Membrane C Two-component, polymer-modified, highly flexible cementitious waterproofing

MiraFlex Membrane C is a superior two-component, polymer-modified, highly flexible, vapor permeable cementitious membrane for the waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and many other types of materials and construction elements. MiraFlex Membrane C utilizes the beneficial properties of recycled tire rubber. The waterproof membrane is designed for interior and exterior applications, above and below grade on new or existing substrates. MiraFlex Membrane C can be used as a stand alone with an exposed light traffic-bearing finish. It can also be installed as a waterproofing underlayment and covered with a Miracote flooring system, tile or other types of finished flooring. MiraFlex Membrane C exhibits excellent adhesion to moist/damp substrates, permanent flexibility and crack bridging properties, and offers the versatility to be used and applied in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing with the MiraFlex Membrane C

Product Features

• Superior UV resistance and permanent flexibility. • Tenacious adhesion to damp or moist substrates • Water vapor permeable – breathable membrane • Outstanding elongation and crack-bridging properties • Ideal for interior and exterior applications

• Extensive range of

colors using Miracote Colorpax LIP

Photo from California Waters

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Miraflex Membrane C Two-component, polymer-modified, highly flexible cementitious waterproofing

Don’t replace it – Miracote It!

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Product Applications • Fountains, pools, spillways, dams and aquatic tanks • Waterproofing of planter boxes and foundations. • Plaza decks and pedestrian bridges • Balconies and breezeways • Pool decks and promenades • Mechanical equipment rooms • Water and wastewater facilities • Elevator pits and containment structures Miracote Products Available through distributors of high quality construction products worldwide.

Applied in two or more coats by trowel, squeegee, roller, brush or spray equipment to a minimal thickness of 1/16” depending on exposure conditions, MiraFlex Membrane C provides superior waterproofing protection that will withstand exposure to chlorides, sulfates, UV, abrasion, impact, hydrostatic pressure and freeze thaw cycling. Available in a natural gray and white powder blends, MiraFlex Membrane C can be integrally colored with Miracote ColorPax LIP pigment packs in a wide range of color choices. MiraFlex Membrane C can also be sealed and/or topcoated with a wide range of scientifically superior acrylic, and polymeric sealer and protective coating technologies from Crossfield Products Corp.

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The next generation of waterproofing

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Green Moisture Barrier introduces the next generation of waterproofing with a new, patented self-adhering rubber asphalt compound. Green Moisture Barrier successfully integrates the resilience, flexibility, and superior waterproofing properties of tire rubber into your waterproofing membranes and flashings. Green Moisture Barrier is ideal for residential and commercial construction.

The product takes waterproofing to a whole new level, while at the same time being the first to comply with new environmental targets of CalGreen and the International Green Building Code.

GWB ■ Roofing Applications ■ Chimney Flashing

■ Roofing Underlayment ■ Window Flashing ■ Through Wall Flashing ■ Deck Systems ■ Waterproofing Block and Poured Concrete Foundations

Features ■ Contains 15% plus Recycled Tire Rubber ■ Suitable for coatings from 10 mil to 80 mil ■ Compatible with all surface films Benefits ■ Superior heat resistance (up to 300°F) ■ Excellent low temp flexibility (-30°F) ■ Passes ASTM D1907 ■ Excellent adhesion even todifficult surfaces

■ Qualifies for LEED point contribution ■ Technical service and design support

GMB Applications

Window Flashing

Chimney Flashing







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Deccofelt Corporation PO Box 156 555 S. Vermont Avenue Glendora, CA 91740

reRubber Infrastructural Coating System Because of its unique patented design the reRubber Infrastructural Coatings System is able to be applied easier than traditional coating systems. When cured, this coating system is as durable and flexible as any rubber membrane. It is easily applied to nearly any surface and no special equipment is required. Routine maintenance is as easy as spray washing and touching up with a paint brush. The patented system is able to take a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic acrylic coating and infuses recycled rubber and glass to create a durable and totally waterproof rubber/glass matrix to seal and insulate the surface. It is extremely resistant to environmental damage as well as scrubbing from routine cleaning. With the reRubber Infrastructural Coating System, you are able to seal or patch any cracks or leaks that may exist with the Caulk Crack Filler. Once cracks are sealed and the surface is dry you are now able to coat with the Primer. This process extends the life of the surface and cost significantly less than other traditional methods.

Benefits 

100% California scrap tires

70%+ of post consumer recycled content

 Eliminates demand on our limited natural resources  Costs equal of less than comparable alternatives  Easy to apply, reduces labor cost  Non-toxic, low VOC

Applications 

Waterproofing Crack Sealant Anti-Corrosion

Roofing Bridges


And more!

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Possible LEED points

Rubberized Coating + Cool Top Coat

Energy & Atmosphere EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance New Construction: 1-19 Core & Shell: 3-21 Schools: 1-2 Existing Building: 1-18

Materials & Resources MR Credit 4: Recycled Content New Construction: 1-2 Core & Shell: 1-2 Schools: 1-2

Sustainable Sites SS Credit 7.2 Heart Island Effect – Roof New Construction: 1 Core & Shell: 1 Schools: 1 Existing Building: 1

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Rubber Mats for Industrial Uses


• 4’ x 6’ heavy duty rubber mat • 1/2” or 3/4” thickness

• Pebble or flat top design • 20 or 40 count per pallet • Stay in place well once placed • Made from 100% recycled scrap tire rubber

Benef i ts • Maintenance free – eliminates holes • Reduces muddy areas in rainy season • Easy to clean - sweep or hose off • Resilient – for light traffic use • Cover electircal cords for safe paths • Insulates from weather and noise

• Reduces airborne dust • Portable and reusable • Great for temporary work sites

Headquartered in Northern California, Rubber Bark, Inc. is the market leader in recycled rubber products made from scrap tires. We have been making environmentally friendly products since 1967 on our 1 million square-foot facility. Each year, we recycle over 1/3 of Northern California’s scrap tires and we prevent over 4 million tires from entering landfills!

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For use with laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood floor systems and most ceramic and stone tile installations. U.S. Rubber Recycling Inc. is pleased to introduce its premium quality sound control acoustical underlayment, QuietSound II™ Rolled Underlayment. Not only does QuietSound II™ prevent the annoying sound transmission of foot traffic to the floors below, it also effectively deadens the transmission of interior noise such as from stereos and voices.

Crack Suppression and Cushioning Capabilities QuietSound II™ acts as a crack suppression membrane when installed over concrete floors which are known to crack over time, preventing cracks as large as 1/4” from damaging the flooring above. Plus, QuietSound II™ emits no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), no formaldehyde, other aldehydes or urea. In addition, QuietSound II™ cushions and insulates ceramic and laminate floors without that artificial “springy” feeling. Variety of Thicknesses Available QuietSound II™ can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs including 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. While this availability provides for budgetary and cost requirements, many architectural specifications require the finished flooring to be raised a precise amount over the subfloor and QuietSound II™ can provide that accuracy-all at a price well below most competing products.

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