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CaliforniaDepartmentOf Resources, Recycling AndRecovery

The statements and conclusions of this report are thoseof the contractor andnot necessarily thoseof theCaliforniaDepartment of Resources, Recycling andRecovery, its employees or theStateof California. TheStatemakes nowarranty, express or implied, and assumes no liability for the information contained in the succeeding text.

Leidos, AnSAICCompanymakes no representations or warranties, express or implied: (1) as to the suitabilityor safetyof any useof aparticular product derived fromwaste tires, (2) that any use complieswithor contravenes any specific requirements or regulations, or (3) as to theproduct benefit claims listedherewith. Leidos does not purport to address safety concerns, if any, associatedwithwaste tirebyproducts, and assumes no liability for any useof waste tirebyproducts or for the information contained in this document. It is the responsibilityof theuser of waste tirebyproducts toestablish appropriate safety andhealthpractices anddetermine the applicabilityof regulatory limitations prior touse. Anymentionof individual businesses and their commercial products shouldnot be construed as anendorsement of suchproducts or processes.

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