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Valid 1st Feb – 31st Mar 2019

Ultra Safety Plus Needle Stick Injury Prevention Device.Conforms to UK legislation on “Safer Sharps Regulations 2013”. Sterile, single use injection system. Specially designed to prevent needle-stick injuries. Allows both Passive and active aspiration techniques. No recapping necessary. With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel to the bone.With improved transparent barrel to allow to ensure aspiration is clearly visible.

ONLY £22.95 Needles

DEPXLSAFE01 - 27G Short - Orange. Pack of 100 DEPXLSAFE02 - 27G Long - Yellow. Pack of 100 DEPXLSAFE03 - 30G Short - Blue. Pack of 100 DEPXLSAFE04 - 30G Ultra Short - Purple. Pack of 100 DEPSAFETY05 - Black Handle for Safety Plus Needles. Pack of 1 DEPSAFETY07 - Metal Handle. Pack of 1 DEPSAFETY3200 - Sterile Handles, White, Single Use. Pack of 50 DEPUSPINJECT - Intraligamentary Handle. Pack of 1

FROM £4.50 Handles


Epicrem Non-greasy protective hand cream with a delicate perfume. Absorbs easily to protect hands from the

ONLY £10.50


frequent wearing of gloves. DEP0755 - 1 x 100g tube.


Quitanet Ultra Concentrated cleaning and disinfection solution for dental instruments. Economical to use: the diluted (2%) solution remains active 24 hours. Can be used in a soaking tank and in ultra-sonic tank. DEPQUITA03 - 1 Litre SPECIAL PRICE! ONLY £14.75

Septofil Cord Retraction of free gingiva during tooth preparation, restoration try-ins, impression taking and final cementation or bonding. Features & benefits. Cotton cord available in 4 different thicknesses to fulfill every clinical

Largal Ultra Very low surface tension so it easily penetrates without mechanical aid. Contains cetrimide which has a bactericidal action and reduces surface tension, thus increasing dentine penetration. Non-toxic and non-caustic, thus harmless for the periapical tissues. Eliminates smear layer resulting from use of endodontic instruments helps in preparing clean canals. DEP0250 - 125ml bottle. SPECIAL PRICE!

SPECIAL PRICE! DEPSEPTO44 - 0.65mm x 2.5m - Orange, Thin. Pack of 1 DEPSEPTO45 - 0.8mm x 2.5m - Lilac, Medium. Pack of 1 DEPSEPTO46 - 1.00mm x 2.5m - Green, Thick. Pack of 1 ONLY £19.95 situations. Knitted design to improve mechanical effect on the free gingival. Improved absorption capacity for an astringent solution. DEPSEPTO43 - 0.5mm x 2.5m - Dark Blue, Ultra Thin. Pack of 1.

ONLY £41.95

As the World leader in dental anaesthetics and having the only clinically trialled and proven needle-stick injury prevention device in the UK, Septodont take the well-being of dental practitioners and their patients very seriously. With this in mind, Septodont are delighted to offer on-line CPD training to those in the dental industry. Please log on to for Ultra Safety Plus Training/CPD.

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