Septodont Dedicated Flyer Feb-March 2019

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Valid 1st Feb – 31st Mar 2019

ONLY £120.00

Biodentine A Bioactive dentine substitute. For crown,

BioRoot RCS Latest generation bioactive root canal filler based on high purity mineral chemistry. High seal ensured through a tight gutta percha/

ONLY £112.95

temporary enamel restorations, permanent dentine restorations, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, and also pulpotomy. Versatile usage: endodontic repair and restorative procedures.

sealer dentine interface and dentine structure mineralization. Antimicrobial properties due to calcium hydroxide release to reduce the risk of treatment failures. Bioactive properties to promote peri-apical healing. Fast and easy placement in the root canal with any cold obturation technique. Radiopaque for easy follow-ups. Easily removed from the root canal in case a retreatment is necessary. Contains: 1 x15g Powder Bottle with measuring spoon, 35 Single Dose Containers (0.20ml). DEP0738 - 15g.

Reactionary dentine genesis for pulp vitality preservation. Natural micro mechanical anchorage for excellent sealing properties without surface preparation and for post-operative sensitivity elimination. Similar mechanical properties and mechanical behaviour as human dentine for similar stress distribution 3.5 mm aluminium radiopacity for easy short and long term follow-up. DEPBIODE15 - 15 x capsules and 15 x single-dose containers.



Perfexil A-Silicone Vinyl Polysiloxane (Hydrophilic) addition-type material. For highly stable and accurate impression of dental and oral structures for prosthodontics.

Racegel Thermogelifiable gel for gingival preparation, for the use of opening the sulcus and control of bleeding prior to impression taking and also in the preparation of a Class II. III, and V cavities. DEPRACEGEL - 1.4g. Pack of 3

ONLY £72.95

DEP0673 - Wash Light - Rapide 2 x 50ml - £25.95

DEP0672 - Putty Soft - Rapide 2 x 400g - £62.95



Canal+ Root canal preparation / Instrument lubrication. Lubricating water-soluble Lubricating gel for any canal instrument, so no waxy residue. Clings to

Calypso Mouth Rinse Calypso is a multi-flavoured mouthwash used to clean and rinse the mouth prior or during dental procedures, contains chlorhexidine. DEP0050 - Assorted. Contains 1

of each: Mint, Orange and Raspberry with 1x dosage pump.

instruments and facilitates mechanical preparation. Makes mechanical reaming easier and faster as EDTA chelates mineral components of dentine. Optimises cleaning of the root canal if used in combination with Parcan irrigation solution, thanks to the effervescent properties of carbamide peroxide. DEP0705 - Gel - Contains: 1 x 5g syringe with screw design stopper and 5 tips. SPECIAL PRICE! ONLY £24.50

ONLY £48.95

DEP0040 - Orange - with 1x dosage pump. Pack of 3 DEP0045 - Mint - with 1x dosage pump. Pack of 3 DEP0035 - Raspberry - with 1x dosage pump. Pack of 3 SPECIAL PRICE!


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