Ed 1 Annual Report May 2017

Annual Report 2016-17

Your Parish Councillors are

Cllr. Mr David R Watkins





Cllr. Mrs Margaret J Jenkins Vice—Chairman Tel 01981


Cllr. Mr David Bannister Tel

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Chairman’s Parish Reports for Abbeydore & Bacton for the year ending 31st March 2017

This is my report for Abbeydore and Bacton for the last twelve months. We have had an Application for The Neville Arms and a Certificate of lawful Use or Development was granted. Applications for New Forest Roads, Neils Wood & Cockyard Wood and New Forest Roads, Thruxton Vallets Wood & Crizeley Wood both Prior Approval Not Required Hollingwod Farm Prior Approval Not Required Planning Applications for Bannut Tree, Abbeydore was withdrawn, Farm Shop, Moorhampton Park Agricultural buildings Granted, Hazeldene, Kerrys Gate Granted, Sunny Crest, Abbeydore Granted, Farm Shop, Moorhampton Park, Extension of covered patio and extension Granted. Sylvia Rothwell and Barbara Lloyd, Village Hall Committee Members have been on a Training Course at the HALC Offices in Hereford. Ward Councillor Mr Graham Powell, Parish Lengthsman Mr Terry Griffiths and Fiona Witcher from the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team have attended as many meetings during the year as their busy schedules would allow and have also provided written reports for the Parish Council.

Abbeydore & Bacton Group Parish Council

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