Drones will be everywhere

Roadways - Orthomosaic with CAD Overlay In the case of a community roadway assessment Falcon completed recently, our project team included an extensive team of subject matter experts. Professional pilots flew several missions to capture over 2,000 images. The images which were processed to create a high-resolution orthomosaic of the fifty-plus acre site. The orthomosaic was subsequently loaded into AutoCAD Civil 3D and annotated to provide the 2D line drawings the client required. Measurements were made from photogrammetry in Pix4D. Finally, evaluations and recommendations were provided by our engineers with expertise in paving and roadways.

Conclusion Drones are highly effective tools. Equipped with the proper cameras and sensors, they help us see and measure things more efficiently than ever before. When flown by professionals and teamed with engineers, architects and other subject matter experts, the value of drones is undeniable. And, drones will be everywhere!

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