Mullenders postcards

Active Listening Skills Minimal Encouragers And – so – go on- then: grunts, groans, nods of the head. Echoing Repeat back the last phrase/word used. Listen for and repeat back the energy word Stating the Impression Listen to what is said and the tone of voice used. Then repeat back what you have been told referring not only to the words said but also to the implicit emotions. Turn questions into suggestions. For example: It sounds like that you have a bad time and you are feeling betrayed by what has happened. Summarising Summarise what you have been told and then follow up with a question based on what you have been told. Remember summaries can be used as introductions and to control the conversation. Mirroring/Pacing Subtly adopt the same position as the person you’re dealing with. Match their energy. Match the verb tenses when summarising Posture and Demeanour Adopt the listening position> Sit forward with your hands open. Think important telephone call. Move from level 1 to level 2 Life or death listenin Listen...understand...influence

Non-Judgemental Language

It sounds like I feel as if It appears to me that I sense that I get the impression It sounds as though

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