Integrated Marketing Report Q-2 2014

Q-2 2014

IntegratedMarketing Report Welcome to the first quarterly integrated marketing report. This Q-2 review provides a quantitative baseline to assist marketing in setting long-term goals. Moving forward, this information will serve as the basis for measuring performance and allow management to review what marketing, communications and business development initiatives are driving awareness, opportunity and revenue. The metrics within will assist our organization in identifying trends as well as provide insight for informed decision making.

Highlights and Trends

• Suddath received 2.4 phone calls to every one online quote form; people still prefer a live voice which confirms systemic inbound phone processes should remain a high priority • Rapid response to website quote forms is extremely critical for successful booking and should remain a high priority; the odds of reaching a contact if called within 5 mins vs. 30 mins is 100X greater and is 21X more likely to enter into our sales cycle • Developing lead generation strategies is essential to building awareness, filling the marketing funnel and generating revenue • Content is the core to building value and getting heard above the noise; our ability to stand out will require addressing the most important questions for our prospects and customers

• Buyers are rewarding sellers who identify their own limitations; humility and honesty will need to prevail in all Suddath content • Most surveyed marketers report spending a quarter of their budget on PPC and 58% expect to increase their budgets on collective internet marketing initiatives • The need for a mobile strategy is far more critical than ever before to grow business; nearly 1/3 of our website visits are via a mobile device • Social media is the future for customer service and connectivity; marketing has dedicated resources to driving engagement with this audience

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