MASCOT Size Chart & Product Guide

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Welcome to a world of workwear! We take pride in delivering the best workwear for you and your individual work situation. And you will get just that, if you also pay close attention to the choice of materials, and the correct leg length and size. Understand all the product data so you will have the prerequisites for choosing the perfect product.


Important information about MASCOT’s products

How to read product data

Labels and certifications Choose clothing with certified safety. See labels and certificates on pages 616. Find a selection of textile brands, used particularly for winter wear, on page 606 and as reinforcements on page 608.

Colour See the colour description of the colour number on pages 618-619. If you already have chosen your colour, you can find all products in this colour on page 483.

Example of product display

Symbols The symbols offer you an overview of the product’s special properties. On pages 614-615 you can read more about, what the headline in the symbol covers.

Material Choose the material based on its composition, weight and finishes. Get pointers on what to look for when choosing jackets on page 606 and for trousers on page 608.






MASCOT ® Arbon | Trousers with kneepad pockets, multi-protective, class 2 Product number: 13879-216 60% modacrylic/39% cotton/1% carbon fibre - 275 g/m² Certified to EN ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E1, F1), EN ISO 11611 - class 1 (A1, A2), EN 1149-3, EN 1149-5, IEC 61482-2 class 1 (tested in accordance with EN 61482-1-2), EN 13034 (Type 6) and EN ISO 20471 - class 2. Leg length and size: 76 cm: C 46-C 56 • 82 cm: C 44-C 68 • 90 cm: C 46-C 62 • Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant. • Double and triple stitched seams on leg and crotch. • Waist band formed following the body’s anatomy so that it supports in all working positions. • Ergonomically shaped trouser legs are constructed to follow the body’s natural movements. • Adjustable kneepad pockets with flap and top access, so dirt doesn’t collect.

Leg length MASCOT’s trousers typically come in three leg lengths as standard, 76, 82 and 90 cm. See on pages 610-611 why it is crucial for you to choose the correct leg length.

Size See how to find your perfect MASCOT size on pages 612-613. We have trousers in width 68 cm to 143 cm as standard and tops from XS-5XL.


Which jacket should you choose? When choosing a jacket, you have to have three things in mind: your activity level, the surrounding’s temperature and rain. Get pointers on how to choose the right jacket for your working situation.

The secret behind all day comfort: Dress in layers

Keeping warm does not necessarily mean dressing in the heaviest jacket you can find. It is about choosing the right clothes from inner to outer. Count to 3 – Combine together to face the weather. 1) Your inner layer has to be moisture wicking. 2) The middle layer has to be insulating, and 3) the outer layer has to protect against the weather, it should be windproof and waterproof/water-repellent. The three layers make it possible for you to adjust your clothing to the situation by combining the layers. See more on page 68.





Important information about MASCOT’s products

Rain? Choose certified rain protection A large part of the jackets in the assortment are certified according to EN 343. Choose workwear with EN 343, if you want to keep the rain out. See more about EN 343 on page 162.

Keep the wind out If you work in a windy environment, choose windproof products and also check the jacket’s details. Among other things, it’s a good idea to make sure that the front fastening has a storm flap, either in front of or behind the zipper, so cold air won’t penetrate through the zipper. In addition, some of the jackets are fitted with sleeves that are extended at the back of the hand to protect against wind and cold.

Is it cold? Choose certified protection against cold Choose jackets with EN 342, if you want to be sure to keep warm in cold environments. See more about EN 342 on page 162.


Keep rain out If you are working outside, where you are exposed to rain, you should have the possibility to wear a waterproof jacket. Look for the waterproof symbol. At MASCOT, a jacket is waterproof only when the outer material, the seams and the details are waterproof. In a product where only the outer material is waterproof, but the seams are not taped, we will classify the jacket as water-repellent.

Do you have a physically active job? If so, then breathability in your workwear is very important. If you are wet with sweat, you risk getting cold. The layers against the skin have to be moisture wicking and the outer layer should be breathable, so you are kept dry and warm. When choosing the inner layer, look for the ‘Moisture wicking’ symbol, and when choosing the outer layer, look for the ‘Breathable’ symbol.

Look for an insulating AND thin lining MASCOT uses CLIMASCOT ® lining in several jackets. With a thin but effective insulating lining, you keep warm while ensuring your freedom of movement. See more about CLIMASCOT ® on page 76.


Lightweight insulation


Waterproof MASCOTEX ® If you want to make sure that you have unique weather protection, you should look for products made with MASCOTEX ® - a waterproof, windproof and breathable material. Look for Bearnylon ® if you’re content with a water-repellent outer material that is also dirt repellent and extremely durable.

Look for hydrostatic pressure in rainwear Do you need rainwear? Look for the hydrostatic pressure test that indicates the fabric’s ability to resist water penetration. MASCOT only includes the water resistance on rainwear, as it is with these products that you need the extra high values. See more about rainwear with a high water resistance on page 410.

Water-repellent Bearnylon ® Look for Bearnylon ® if you only want a water-repellent outer material that, however, is dirt repellent and very durable.


Which trousers should I choose? Finding trousers that fit perfectly with your work situation, depends largely on the fabric. Get pointers on which fabric to choose, when you need, for example, high durability or low weight.

The fabric’s looks At MASCOT, we primarily use canvas and twill weaving structures for trousers. They have, among others, different looks. Twill is a classic fabric type, while canvas has a more modern look and a more open structure.

Weight on the trousers The weight next to the trousers is the weight of the primary fabric, per square metre, not the actual weight of the trousers. Based on the fabric weight, you can assess the thickness and with it, how heavy they are to wear. The weight is also an indicator of the wear resistance as sturdy fabrics are typically more durable than lighter fabrics. The durability also, of course, depends of the materials used, as some fibres are stronger than others.


Important information about MASCOT’s products

Material For MASCOT’s trousers, we use a number of fibres, each of which has some special properties. They can stand alone, or they can be combined with others in innovative ways where each fibre contributes its own particular characteristics. One example of this advantage is the combination of durable polyester with soft and moisture wicking cotton. • Cotton is a pure, natural product. It is soft, moisture absorbing and has a high wet strength. It is suitable for wear against the skin, as it also directs heat away from the body. • Polyester is a popular fibre because it is, first and foremost, very durable. Polyester is quick-drying and doesn’t shrink or wrinkle. • Nylon is the trade name for polyamide and is extremely durable. Nylon is easily washed, doesn’t shrink and doesn’t wrinkle. • CORDURA ® polyamide (nylon) is extremely durable. CORDURA ® is tested to be seven times stronger than cotton. • Lyocell is used under the brand name TENCEL ® . TENCEL ® is a natural, regenerating fibre derived from trees. The fibre is soft, cooling, extremely moisture absorbing and is very comfortable to wear. • Elastane has a higher elasticity than any other fabric fibre. When you mix elastane with a solid fibre, the final fabric will have elasticity.

Quality number The fibres are combined in different ways. We give each combination a number that is unique for this fabric quality’s combination of fibre, weight, weave and eventual finishes. You can find the three digit quality number under the products next to the five digit product number. In this scheme, you can compare the weight with the durability on each trouser quality.

No. 010 410 025 154 254 203 207 230 330 430 442 620 630 860 311



Weight g/m 2


Tear strength

Colour fastness

65% polyester/35% cotton 65% polyester/35% cotton

Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas

310 320 300 260 270 340 385 205 240 245 310 270 240 355 290

100% polyester

65% polyester/35% cotton 65% polyester/35% cotton

70% polyester/30% Lyocell (TENCEL ® ) 75% cotton/50% polyamide (CORDURA ® )

Cavalry twill

Twill Twill

50% cotton/50% polyester 93% nylon/7% elastane 65% polyester/35% cotton 65% polyester/35% cotton 65% polyester/35% cotton 60% cotton/40% nylon


Twill Twill Twill Twill Twill Twill

100% cotton

65% polyester/35% cotton

Special materials used as reinforcements For the reinforcements at exposed areas, especially at the knees, we use some very durable materials. Read more about CORDURA ® page 118, Kevlar ® page 110 and Dyneema ® page 56.

No. 011 012


Weight g/m 2


Tear strength

Colour fastness

✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚

1000 D CORDURA ® 500 D CORDURA ®

320 220 240 280


Kevlar ®




The correct leg length in your trousers is crucial It is crucial for your safety, comfort and efficiency that you choose trousers with the correct leg length. Why? Look here.

76 cm

82 cm

90 cm


Important information about MASCOT’s products

Why is the leg length of my trousers so important?

• To ensure that the kneepad pockets won’t turn to the inside or outside of the knees (they will if your trousers are too short or too long). • To ensure that the kneepad pockets aren’t placed too high or too low at the knees. • Because you are more efficient, when you don’t have to adjust your kneepad pockets before you kneel. • Because you only feel the freedom of movement of the ergonomically designed trouser legs when your knees are correctly placed in the trousers. • To ensure that the pockets aren’t placed too far down or too far up and won’t bother you when you move Choose the correct leg length! Ensure yourself ultimate comfort and efficiency!

How to measure your leg length You measure your leg length on the inside of the leg from crotch to floor (barefoot). MASCOT offers the leg lengths 76 cm, 82 cm and 90 cm as standard in the majority of our trousers. If your inseam is between one of these leg lengths, you should choose the longer leg length. Choosing the correct waist size is also important; if the trousers are too big in the waist, this will also affect the leg length. See more about measuring and sizes on the following page.

Is extension possible? Yes! Some trousers can be extended. If your leg length is a couple of centimetres longer than MASCOT’s measurements, you should consider trousers that can be extended. Choose trousers from MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME or semi-stretch trousers from MASCOT ® HARDWEAR, where you can easily extend the trousers by releasing the red stitching on the inside.

Is shortening possible? Most trousers can be shortened by up to three cm without it affecting the ergonomic fit or the use of pockets and functions. You have to be aware that fluorescent, safety certified trousers, have some limitations with regard to shortening of the trouser legs. You risk losing the certification if the trousers are shortened by too much.


Find the correct size It is important to find the correct size for your workwear. It is also crucial for your safety, comfort and efficiency to choose trousers that fit your leg length.

Help to measurements • Take the measurements close to the body • Get someone else to measure you

• The measuring tape should be wrapped tightly around the body, when measuring the waist size • The trousers’ leg length is important if your workwear has kneepad pockets and functions on the legs • Decide which fit you want your workwear to have – MASCOT’s workwear has different fits

HEADGEAR H. Head measure When measuring for headwear, measure the circumference of the head TOPS Shirts: P. Collar size When measuring for shirts, place the tape measure level, 1 cm above the collar bone Tops (T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets etc.) and boilersuits: A. Chest When measuring the chest, place the tape measure level around the widest part of the chest TROUSERS, 3/4 LENGTH TROUSERS, SHORTS, BOILERSUITS Trousers with classic high waist (especially MASCOT ® ORIGINALS, MASCOT ® IMAGE): K1. Normal waist size The waist measurement is performed by wrapping the measuring tape tightly around the body Trousers with low waist (most trousers in this catalogue have a low waist): K2. Low waist The waist measurement is performed by wrapping the measuring tape tightly around the body MASCOT’s low waist trousers are also suitable to be worn by women. Women should choose their size according to their hip measurements: L. Hip size The hip measurement is performed by wrapping the measuring tape tightly around the hips Leg length for your trousers: E. Inner seam The length is measured on the inside of the leg from crotch to floor (barefoot)





K1 K2 L

HEIGHT T. Your full height The height is measured barefoot See a short video about how to measure your size so you can find workwear that fits you perfectly. sizeguide



How to find your size in the measuring chart For example: You are looking for trousers with a low waist. Your waist measurement (K2) is 92 cm.

Find your measurement under K1/K2 in the chart. If your size fall between two sizes, you should choose the larger size. In this example you should choose 93 cm and therefore the size C52. Remember also to measure your leg length before you order.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and additional tops as well as boilersuits

C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 C48 C49 C50 C51 C52 C54 C56 C58 C60 C62 C64 C66 C68 C70 C72 XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

A - Chest (cm)

84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 108 112 116 120 124 128 132 136 140 144

A - Chest (inch)






41 42.5 44 45.5 47 49 50.5 52 53.5 55 56.5


C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 C48 C49 C50 C51 C52 C54 C56 C58 C60 C62 C64 C66 C68 C70 C72 XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

P - Collar size (cm)




43-44 45-46

47-48 49-50


P - Collar size (inch)




17.5 18

19 19.5


Ladies size








A - Chest (cm)

73-79 79-85 85-92 92-100 100-108 108-116 116-124 124-132

A - Chest (inch)


31-33.5 33.5-36 36-39.5 39.5-42.5 42.5-46 46-49 49-52


91-97 97-104 104-112 112-120 120-128 128-136 136-144

L - Hip (cm)

L - Hip (inch)

33.5-36 36-38 38-41

41-44 44-47 47-50.5 50.5-53.5 53.5-57







H - Head measure (cm)

54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

62 63

H - Head measure (inch)


21.5 22 22.5 23 23.25 23.5 24 24.5 25

Trousers/bib & braces

C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 C48 C49 C50 C51 C52 C54 C56 C58 C60 C62 C64 C66 C68 C70 C72 XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

K1/K2 Waist, Trousers/bib and brace (cm)*

68 70.5 73 75.5 78 80.5 83 85.5 88 90.5 93 98 103 108 113 118 123 128 133 138 143

K1/K2 Waist, Trousers/bib and brace (inch)*

27 28 28.5 29.5 30.5 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.5 35.5 36.5 38.5 40.5 42.5 44.5 46.5 48.5 50.5 52.5 54.5 56.5

L - Hip (cm)

90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 114 118 122 126 130 134 138 142 146 150

L - Hip (inch)

35.5 36 37 38 38.5 39.5 40 41

41.5 42.50 43 45 46.5 48 49.50 51

52.5 54 56 57.50 59

*Bib & braces are not available in odd-sizes


K1/K2 Waist, Trousers/bib and brace (inch)

W29 W30 W31 W32 W33 W34 W36 W38 W40

K1/K2 Waist, Trousers/bib and brace (cm)

73 76 78.5 81

83.5 86 91

96 101

E - Leg length (inch)

L30 L32 L34 L36

E- Leg length (cm)

76 82 87 92

Safety footwear

EU size Ladies – width 8

0835 0836 0837 0838 0839 0840 0841

EU size Men – width 10

1039 1040 1041 1042 1043 1044 1045 1046 1047 1048

EU size Men – width 11

1139 1140 1141 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148

UK size Ladies – width 8

L 2.5 L 3.5 L 4 L 5 L 6 L 6.5 L 7

UK size Men – width 10

M 6 M 6.5 M 7 M 8 M 9 M 10 M 10.5 M 11 M 12 M 13

UK size Men – width 11

M 6 M 6.5 M 7 M 8 M 9 M 10 M 10.5 M 11 M 12 M 13

US size Ladies – width 8

L 4 L 5 L 5.5 L 6.5 L 7 L 7.5 L 8

US size Men – width 10

M 7 M 7.5 M 8 M 9 M 10 M 11 M 11.5 M 12 M 13 M14

US size Men – width 11

M 7 M 7. 5 M 8 M 9 M 10 M 11 M 11.5 M 12 M 13 M14


Workwear symbols Next to each product in this catalogue you will find a number of symbols. They offer you a quick overview of the product’s properties. On this page, you can read more about, what the headline in the symbol covers. You will find the overview over footwear symbols in the introduction to the section about safety footwear.

Breathable Breathability in waterproof/water-repellent clothing is especially important when you sweat while working in cold environments. If you do not get rid of the moisture, there is a great risk that your wet clothes will get cold and you will freeze as a result.

Insulating This symbol on clothing indicates that you have a product that helps to keep you warm when the surroundings are cool.



Windproof When your clothing is windproof you hold heat more easily. Choose products with this symbol when you don’t want the wind to bother your everyday comfort.

Stain resistant Your fluorescent clothing keeps you visible, but it must be kept clean to be seen, which is not always easy. MASCOT helps to keep your clothing dirt free with a stain-resistant treatment. When your clothes are stain resistant, you will be more visible and therefore safer for longer.



Waterproof 100%. This symbol is your assurance that MASCOT does not allow as much as a single drop of water penetration. Zippers are waterproof and seams are taped on the back.

Quick drying An important characteristic of moisture wicking clothing is that it also dries quickly. If moisture is allowed to remain on the fabric there is the danger that it could freeze and subsequently lead to hypothermia. With the combination of moisture-wicking technology and quick-drying material, you are assured of maximum comfort regardless of your activity level. Light Weight The symbol indicates that the workwear is light in weight. The garment remains highly durable. You should choose products carrying this symbol if you want durable workwear in a light fabric, for example if you work indoors and/or in hot environments.



Water-repellent Clothes carrying this symbol are made of waterproof material. However, it is not possible to put tape on the back of the seams of certain fabrics. Therefore the product cannot be classified as being entirely 100% waterproof, just water-repellent.



Moisture wicking Most fabrics can absorb sweat, but some materials can do more than that – particularly, transport sweat away from your body so you do not experience wet and cold to your innermost layer. A moisture-wicking innermost layer is crucial.

Ergonomic fit All of MASCOT’s clothes are, of course, designed for movement. But if you have a particular need for clothing that supports, assists and just plain fits, in all body positions, then go for the ergonomic fit.




Important information about MASCOT’s products

Modern fit Most of MASCOT models have a normal, comfortable workwear fit. Recently, we have experienced a higher demand for a slimmer fit. Look for this symbol, if you require clothing to sit a little closer to the body.

Holster pockets An indispensable feature for anyone using nails, screws and bits. Select a version with magnets at the top so you do not have to dig down into your pocket every time you need to grab something. Holster Pockets can also be purchased separately.



Classic fit Select products with the Classic Fit symbol if you are looking for products with extra width. The products with Classic Fit are the most spacious in the MASCOT range.

Knee pads If you already use kneepads, then you know how important comfort is in your workday. MASCOT’s kneepad pocket design ensures that the kneepads sit perfectly every time you kneel.



Slim fit If you are fond of products with a body conscious fit, choose Slim Fit products. The clothing fits close to the body and moves with you.

Reflective Small reflective strips on your clothing can be crucial to your safety. Regardless of where you work, you will occasionally be near traffic. In this environment, reflectivity increases your chance of being seen.



Lady fit Products with this symbol are designed according to MASCOT’s women’s fit. The clothing gives you a comfortable and thoroughly tested fit, with great freedom of movement.

Magnet Magnets allow for the easy closure of, e.g. breast pockets or for retaining screws and bits in hanging pockets. People with pacemakers or an ICD should not use products fitted with magnets. Magnetically sensitive items should also be kept well away from magnets.



Triple Seams Triple stitched seams are your guarantee for high wear resistance. MASCOT places them on your clothes most exposed areas, such as the shoulders and the outside and inside of the leg, prolonging the wearability of your clothing.

Seamless This symbol can be found in clothing without side seams. Such clothing is normally worn as the innermost layer, i.e. garments closest to the body. Clothes without side seams are extra comfortable to wear - there are no seams or sewn-in labels that can annoy or scratch.




Certifications and labels We certify MASCOT products according to international standards, norms and labelling. Some of them are standards for safety workwear that you and/or your employer, must ensure your workwear has. Others, such as Oeko-Tex ® , are things MASCOT has chosen to apply for on the products, so you can quickly get an overview of, and find peace of mind in the fact that the products meet the strictest requirements. In general, MASCOT invests in many norms for each product in order for us to document that the products comply with high international standards.

EN ISO 20471 High-visibility warning clothing for professional use X: Indicates product’s overall class, depending on the area of the fluorescent fabric and the area of reflective tape.

EN ISO 14116 Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing. This has replaced the old standard EN 533.

EN 471 High-visibility warning clothing for professional use X: Indicates product’s overall class, depending on the area of the fluorescent fabric and the area of reflective tape. Y: Indicates reflective strips’ ability to reflect light. There are two classes; 1 or 2, where 2 is the highest. All MASCOT reflective strips are Class 2.

EN 343 Protective clothing - Protection against rain Top digit: Resistance to water permeability. Class 1-3 (3 is highest class). Bottom digit: Water vapor permeability. Class 1-3 (3 is highest class).

EN ISO 11611 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes.

EN 61482-1-2 Live working - Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. This has replaced the old standard ENV 50354.

Class 1:RHTI 24≥7s Class 2:RHTI 24≥16s This has replaced the old standard EN 470-1.

EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing - Clothing to protect against heat and flame (ISO/FDIS 11612:2008). This has replaced the old standard EN 531.

EN 1149-3 & EN 1149-5 Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties.


Important information about MASCOT’s products

EN 13034 (Type 6) Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals.

EN 14404 Personal protective equipment - Knee pads for working in a kneeling position.

EN 342 Protection clothing. Clothing for protection against the cold. This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for performance of clothing for protection against cold environment. It does not include specific requirements for head wear, footwear and gloves intended to prevent local cooling. EN ISO 15797 An Industrial Washing and finishing method for testing of workwear. The standard specifies test methods and equipment which can be used to determine whether materials are suitable for workwear for industrial washing. Independent testing institutes carry out tests for MASCOT according to criteria established by the ETSA (European Textiles Services Association). UV Standard 801 The standard for protection against UV rays. The standard specifies how well the workwear provides user protection from the sun’s UV rays. A protection factor of 80 is the highest a material can achieve in the test.

Oeko-Tex standard 100 Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.

GO/RT 3279 (RIS-3279-TOM) The GO/RT 3279 (RIS-3279-TOM) standard is based on the European standard ISO 20471:2013 (which supersedes the old version EN 471:2003). It requires garments to meet at least class 2 (the mid-point of a 3-class scale) of ISO 20471 for the minimum area of high visibility materials used within a garment. Whereas the European standard permits several different colours of high visibility materials, the railway standard specifies an orange colour. GO/RT3279 also defines the requirements for a high visibility minivest. GO/RT 3279 is replaced by RIS-3279-TOM, which reproduces the content of GO/RT 3279 Issue 8 in its entirety.


Colours Throughout the catalogue, you will find specific numbers under each product picture. These numbers refer to a unique colour code, which are the same throughout the catalogue, and for which you can get an overview here.

01 navy

010 dark navy

01009 dark navy/black

01011 dark navy/royal

01014 dark navy/ hi-vis orange

01085 dark navy/ stone blue

01088 dark navy/light grey

02 red

0209 red/black

02888 red/anthracite

03 green

0309 green/black

05 khaki

06 white

0618 white/dark anthracite

08 grey-flecked

0806 grey-flecked/ white

0809 grey-flecked/ black

09 black

0902 black/red

0907 black/yellow

0909 black/black

0911 Black/royal

0917 black/hi-vis yellow

09140 black/dark orange

09118 black/light anthracite

0918 black/dark anthracite

76 cm

0919 black/olive

0944 black/dark petroleum

09888 black/ anthracite

09880 black/silver

0993 black/ petroleum

11 royal

1101 royal/navy

11010 royal/dark navy

111 navy/royal

118 light anthracite

119 light olive

12 navy/red

13 navy/green

140 dark orange

18 dark anthracite

180 blue grey

18088 dark anthracite/light grey-flecked

1809 dark anthracite/ black

18222 dark anthracite/hi- vis red

188 navy/light grey

19 dark olive

1909 dark olive/ black

202 traffic red

20209 traffic red/black

21 red/navy

22 bordeaux

31 green/navy

33 moss green

3309 moss green/ black

333 grass green

41 blue-flecked

44 dark petroleum

4409 dark petroleum/ black

46 indigo denim blue

50 dark brown

51 khaki/navy

5188 khaki/navy/ light grey

55 light khaki

5509 light khaki/ black

60 optical white

61 white/navy

66 washed dark blue denim

70709 traffic yellow/ black

71 light blue

73 black denim


Important information about MASCOT’s products

76 washed blue denim

77 sunflower yellow

80809 putty grey/ black

84 rust

85 stone blue

86 dark blue denim

88 light grey

8809 light grey/black

881 light grey/navy

888 anthracite

88802 anthracite/red

8889/88809 anthracite/ black

90 deep black

91 azure blue

93 petroleum

94 dusty turquoise

95 violet blue

96 raspberry red

98 bright orange

9888 black/ anthracite

A11 dark olive with print

A12 black with print

A32 dark denim blue

A42 dark anthracite- flecked

A55 light blue

A88 graphite blue

B13 oxford blue

B26 deep black

B27 optical white

B52 denim blue


14 hi-vis orange

141 hi-vis orange/ navy

1403 hi-vis orange/ green

14010 hi-vis orange/ dark navy

1411 hi-vis orange/ royal

1418 hi-vis orange/ dark anthracite

14888 hi-vis orange/ anthracite

1814 dark anthracite/ hi-vis orange

01014 dark navy/ hi-vis orange

0114 navy/hi-vis orange

B01 anthracite/ hi-vis orange

1433 hi-vis orange/ moss green

17 hi-vis yellow

171 hi-vis yellow/ navy

1703 hi-vis yellow/ green

1709 hi-vis yellow/ black

1711 hi-vis yellow/ royal

1718 hi-vis yellow/ dark anthracite

17888 hi-vis yellow/ anthracite

1817 dark anthracite/ hi-vis yellow

88817 anthracite/ hi-vis yellow

01017 dark navy/ hi-vis yellow

17010 hi-vis yellow/ dark navy

0117 navy/hi-vis yellow

0917 black/hi-vis yellow

222 hi-vis red

18222 dark anthracite/ hi-vis red

22218 hi-vis red/dark anthracite

A49 hi-vis red/dark anthracite


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