MASCOT Size Chart & Product Guide

Important information about MASCOT’s products

Why is the leg length of my trousers so important?

• To ensure that the kneepad pockets won’t turn to the inside or outside of the knees (they will if your trousers are too short or too long). • To ensure that the kneepad pockets aren’t placed too high or too low at the knees. • Because you are more efficient, when you don’t have to adjust your kneepad pockets before you kneel. • Because you only feel the freedom of movement of the ergonomically designed trouser legs when your knees are correctly placed in the trousers. • To ensure that the pockets aren’t placed too far down or too far up and won’t bother you when you move Choose the correct leg length! Ensure yourself ultimate comfort and efficiency!

How to measure your leg length You measure your leg length on the inside of the leg from crotch to floor (barefoot). MASCOT offers the leg lengths 76 cm, 82 cm and 90 cm as standard in the majority of our trousers. If your inseam is between one of these leg lengths, you should choose the longer leg length. Choosing the correct waist size is also important; if the trousers are too big in the waist, this will also affect the leg length. See more about measuring and sizes on the following page.

Is extension possible? Yes! Some trousers can be extended. If your leg length is a couple of centimetres longer than MASCOT’s measurements, you should consider trousers that can be extended. Choose trousers from MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME or semi-stretch trousers from MASCOT ® HARDWEAR, where you can easily extend the trousers by releasing the red stitching on the inside.

Is shortening possible? Most trousers can be shortened by up to three cm without it affecting the ergonomic fit or the use of pockets and functions. You have to be aware that fluorescent, safety certified trousers, have some limitations with regard to shortening of the trouser legs. You risk losing the certification if the trousers are shortened by too much.


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