PADI RTO First Aid Student Manual

HLTAID008 MANAGE FIRST AID SERVICES AND RESOURCES 23. Criteria for written procedures for first aid would usually include _________________ (Select all that apply) Communication and responsibilities for action Workplace/event layout showing first aid locations First aid and medical rooms Response and triage Liaison with emergency services Equipment and resources available 24. When reviewing contingency plans with a view to improving or providing alternative man- agement principles & procedures, what should be considered? (Choose all answers that apply) Ascertaining group opinion on how well they performed using a scale of 1 -10 Whether the 5 key remote area planning issues were adequately considered prior to entering the remote area Whether the team was adequately prepared and trained to perform the tasks required Whether the group rapidly evaluated and considered how to deal with the emergency once it occurred Whether anything went wrong with the process of rapid evaluation and the dealing of the emer- gency once it occurred, and if so, how this can be improved As a result of ascertaining any findings, how improvements or alternative management princi- ples & procedures can be introduced What action plan is required to undertake any recommendations and how are they time-framed in order to finalise any recommendations 25. Teammembers must agree to undertake the following principles before a group discus- sion and evaluation of a recent emergency response undertaken: (Choose all answers that apply) A constructive manner with a view to possibly improving responses in the future Don’t get personal Accept that we all can and DO make mistakes Respect that everyone is equal and in their own place with the event Maintain confidentiality - concentrate upon the process and not individuals STUDENT STATEMENT: I have had explained to me and I understand the questions I missed. Student Signature ____________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________






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