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Q uESTIONS T O A SK B EfORE M OvING O R D OWNSIzING · Are you afraid when the doorbell rings unexpect- edly? · Are you afraid of being alone or getting sick with no one to help? · Do you refuse to go out in inclement weather? · Is the neighborhood get- ting too noisy? · Is the neighborhood get- ting too busy? · Do you need more interesting activities to fill your time? · Do you feel the need to be around people your own age? · have you been ill and are having difficulty get- ting back into your for- mer routines? Being ill can zap our energies and make it difficult to get back to the way things were. · Are you ill and finding it difficult to cope with everything else? · Would you like to be in a more secure environ- ment? · have you recently lost a spouse and are finding it difficult to function


without the extra sup- port?

oving or downsizing can be emotional and stress- ful. If you are unsure of whether or not you should move, read the following questions and ponder your answers. The thoughts they provoke should help point you in the right direction. IN WhICh Of ThE fOl- lOWING AREAS ARE yOu hAvING DIffICulTy? · Do you hesitate about going out to do necessary errands? · Do you refuse to leave the house for social activities? · Is it difficult to take a shower or bath? · Are you getting everyday tasks done to your satis- faction? · Is it painful to go up and down stairs? · Do you dread the thought of extra tasks; yard work, shoveling, mowing the lawn? · Are weekly tasks becom- ing overwhelming; changing beds, washing floors, vacuuming…? · Do you remember to take your medication? Do you find yourself wondering whether or not you have taken your medica- tion? · Are you preparing healthy and appetizing meals?

If you answered yes to most of the above questions, then you probably need to be thinking about a more secure environment. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable where they live. If you answered no to most of the questions, then you should be able to stay where you are. Of course, that choice is up to you. There might be other reasons com- pelling you to move, or you might find that a different lifestyle would suit you bet- ter. If you decide to stay, getting extra assistance may be the solution to minor problems. Remember that it’s easier to move when you’re healthy and able to make your own choices about your new home. We wish you the best with the decisions you are about to undertake, whether it be staying put or moving.

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