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P ROfESSIONAl C ARE M ANAGERS BENEfITS Of CARE MANAGE- MENT SERvICES Benefits of using care manage- ment services are many, and may include: • Personalized and compassion- ate service, focusing on the client’s needs and preferences • 24/7 availability for urgent needs • Continuity of care: coordina- tion and communication with family members, medical and care providers, and legal/financial professionals • Cost containment: the care manager’s knowledge and expertise can help you to avoid costly mistakes by carefully matching appropriate services to client’s needs. SElECTING A CARE MANAGER There are many agencies which provide Care Coordination or Care Management. Those providers who are members of the Aging life Care Association (AlCA), formerly known as the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM), meet strin- gent criteria for professional edu- cation, experience, and certifica- tion, and adhere to AlCA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Additional information is available on the AlCA website, www.aginglifecare.org In selecting the agency you wish to work with, you may want to ask about the following: STAff TRAINING AND QuAlI- fICATIONS: • What is staff’s educational background and work experi- ence? how long have they been providing care manage- ment services?

• What are their professional cre- dentials and affiliations? Are they licensed or certified? If so, by who? • Are they members of the Aging life Care Association? AGENCy STRuCTuRE: • Is the agency a free-standing care management agency, part of a larger health care network, or one which also provides other services? • What are the referral relation- ships they have with other ser- vice providers? fEE STRuCTuRE: • What are the rates and fee struc- ture? • Does the agency receive pay- ments from other sources (e.g., placement or referral fees?) Article submitted by Stowell Associates Care Managed Home Care

eriatric Care Managers (GCM) or Aging life Care Managers (AlCM) are health and human ser- vice specialists who provide guid- ance, support, access to resources, and ongoing follow-up for older adults, adults with disabilities or chronic health care needs, and their families and support networks. Care Managers come from a variety of professional backgrounds (social work, nursing, gerontology, among others), and have a specialized focus on issues related to aging, chronic disease management and disabili- ties. The care manager is an experienced guide and resource for families and professionals. They have extensive knowledge about costs, quality, and availability of services in their com- munity, and can connect you with the right service at the right time. Care managers also assist clients in attaining their maximum functional potential and quality of life. SERvICES PROvIDED By A PRO- fESSIONAl CARE MANAGER: Care managers provide personalized services, based on individual client circumstances. These services may include: • Comprehensive assessments to identify problems or concerns, and provide solutions • Arrangement for qualified in- home care or other needed assistance • Identification of living options which are consistent with client needs and preferences; reloca- tion planning and implementa- tion • Referral to qualified legal, finan- cial, or medical specialists, based on a review of client cir- cumstances and needs • Ongoing oversight, monitoring, and advocacy • Individual/family counseling and support • Crisis intervention

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