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imply put, hospice is not a place—it’s a medical and philosophical approach to care. The hospice team provides medical, emotional and spiri- tual support to individuals with terminal illnesses and their families. Although hos- pice care is often associated with cancer patients, it is also a resource for people in the final stages of chronic diseases like emphysema. AlS, Diabetes, Alzheimer disease heart dis- ease, hIv/AIDS, neuromuscu- lar, kidney and liver disease, and other life-limiting condi- tions. hospice care may be deliv- ered in the person’s home, or it may be in a hospital, nurs- ing home, assisted living cen- ter or hospice facility. Doctors, nurse, medical workers, pharmacist and other hospice care staff use the latest practices and tech- nologies to manage pain and symptoms, and to create the best quality of life during end of life. Often, full-time caregivers and family are the first to notice changes in a loved one. letting your doctor know about these changes can help him or her decide if hospice could help you and your fami- Why Hospice Care?

challenges that are a part of the end-of-life process. These may include medical apparatus, man- aging pain and comfort, process- ing paperwork, and coordinating volunteers to provide respite and companionship to your loved one and your family. We also provide—in coordina- tion with your family’s wishes— social work services, spiritual support, including involvement of counselors and clergy from your church denomination. In short, the hospice team pro- vides a nurturing, supportive culture for all.

ly. Once you make the decision for hospice care, the hospice team manages your entire spectrum of needs related to the terminal diagnosis in the integrated, efficient way that takes significant pressure off your loved one and your fami- ly. hospice professionals manage any number of medical, psy- chological, spiritual practical


e support our patients through their journey. We hold their hand and provide exceptional care along the way. We give each patient the love and compassion we would give our own family member and loved one.


• Nursing ~ CNA • Social Work • Spiritual Care

• Bereavement • Music Therapy • Pet Therapy

• Legacy Projects • Art Therapy and Complementary Therapies

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