Wireline Issue 52 Winter 2021

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Flightpath to net zero | 16 Aerial methane monitoring offshore in the UK is taking off. The Net Zero Technology Centre and FlyLogix talk about their project. Automating wellbore data | 24 How digitisation has done away with the proverbial ‘back-of-an- envelope’ calculations to save time, money and risk. Close of play at COP 26 | 28 COP26 ended with some objectives tackled, some watered down and others kicked once more into the long grass. Capturing clusters | 34 Hydrogen clusters: as with methane, the production and marketing of hydrogen will start small -- but with the new aim of carbon capture and storage. Aberdeen Harbour: quay to transition | 36 Aberdeen harbours ambitions for growth as renewable energy infrastructure poses new demand. Lifting expectations at Brae Bravo | 40 Decommissioning Brae Bravo: the high-profile offshore work is just a small part of a big picture.

Issue 52 | Winter 2021

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