Wireline Issue 52 Winter 2021

Aberdeen Harbour

Through the transition and beyond The largest ongoing marine infrastructure project in the UK, and recognised by the Scottish Government as an infrastructure project with national significance, South Harbour is also being marketed in other sectors such as the cruise industry. Cruise liners, in fact, are already booked in to use it once it’s open for business. The primary focus on the energy industry, however, is also helping to fuel further value-adding dimensions – not least the planned formation of an Energy Transition Zone (ETZ) in the area immediately adjacent to the expansion. This sector will be dedicated to the development, production, assembly and storage of infrastructure needed to support the energy transition, including the renewable energy industry. Earlier this year the Scottish government announced a £26mn investment in the ETZ from its Energy Transition Fund, in support of the initiative’s ambition of creating an integrated energy cluster that helps to expedite the journey to net zero. The

“It hugely increases the scope of what we can do in Aberdeen because of its scale and capacity.”

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