Ramsey Electronics Hobby Kit Catalog

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Control and monitor up to 8 sepa- rate circuits over your Ethernet net- work! Reach out to any of your devices or equipment with a stan- dard web browser or even a mobile device! 8 channel relay outputs make a breeze to interface! (See page 45) only $169.95 The ultimate stereo audio processor acts like a limiter and compressor but preserves the audio dymanics of your original signal! Great for the broad- caster or serious audiophile!! (See page 5) only $179.95 Stereo Platform Gain Controller 8Ch Ethernet Controller

Next Generation Nixie Clocks!

Digital Audio Recorder

This little board records up to 8 minutes of audio with it’s built- in electret condenser mic or an external line input! Plays back directly to a speaker or line outputs! Adjustable sample rates and remote switch control! (See page 25) from $32.95

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Passive Aircraft Monitor

FM Stereo Transmitter Kits

Tickle Stick Shocker

Van de Graaff Generators

Automatic VOX Voice Switch

Our patented aircraft receiver monitors the entire airband without any tuning! Great for air shows, and for the travel- er. Without a local oscillator it creates no interference and can be used safely on board. Great at airports to hear what’s really going on! (See page 49)

only $89.95

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from $47.95 4-Channel USB Relay Controller

only $9.95

from $139.95

only $9.95

Signal Magnet Antenna

Super Ear Stereo Amplifier

Compact DMM With Data Hold

Doppler Direction Finder

The impossible AM radio antenna that pulls in the sta- tions and removes the noise, interference, and static crashes from your radio! Also helps that pesky HD AM Radio stay locked! (See page 54) only $89.95

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only $9.95

only $13.95

only $169.95

only $59.95

Go Green with this brand new 12VDC 1A regulated power supply! Global input of 100-240VAC makes it compatible any- where, and because it’s certified Level- V Green, you will save money and be compliant where they are required... or will be in the near future! (See page 72) only $9.95 www.ramseykits.com 800-446-2295 Green Level-V 12VDC Adapter

Build It, Learn It, Achieve it, Enjoy It!





You can learn how to solder, learn electronic and radio theory, and everything in between! From an AM/FM IC radio to the 500-In-One Lab, we have what it takes! (Starts on page 56) from $9.95 SP3B PL500 SM200K AMFM108K

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