Zen Bytes - Residential - September 2015

Is IPv6 for you?


As the world’s IPv4 addresses continue to diminish, calls for the option to switch to IPv6 have become louder.

The response we received was overwhelming; endless numbers of Partners wanting to get involved so they c ould start to benefit from everything it offers.

32-bit IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) is the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol (IP) used to identify devices on a network – almost like an addressing system for your phones, laptops and tablets. It’s the most widely deployed internet protocol used to connect devices to the internet, and there were over 4 billion addresses to choose from when it first became available. However, as the world becomes increasingly connected, we’re reaching a point where IPv4 addresses are in short supply. For some time, Zen had been receiving requests from customers to make IPv6 - the newest version of IP addresses made up of 128 bit s - available, so around a month ago we opted to launch a trial of IPv6 to our Partners.

The future of broadband.

H ere at Zen, we like to stay one step ahead of the latest technologies ; trying and testing newproducts so we're ready to bring them tomarket.

Our Broadband Product Manager, Andrew Sayle, said: “This is the future of broadband. As the technology weuse inour personal andprofessional lives progresses, internet users are demanding more bandwidth - which is where G.Fast and FOD2 come in. We want to see how these new broadband services perform in real-world scenarios, so have made customers in the trial areas prepared and we hope that, shortly afterwards, these technologies can be made available to our entire customer base.

potential speeds of up to 1Gbps (FOD2) for a minimum of six months - starting from the last week of August - to assess the accessibility and capability of the technologies so that, further down the line, we can deliver this tried and tested technology to our entire customer base. G.Fast and FOD2 can support unfathomable amounts of data and the next generation of content - Super HD . This will make huge differences to both home and business owners, transforming the speed of connectivity, communication, data transfer and web-powered applications.

Shortly after, we launched it to our entire customer base.

Predictions around the benefits IPv6 can bring to internet users bothat home and inbusiness are – if they prove to be true – rather transformative, including easier management of networks and improved security features. So, we’re thrilled to be inviting all our customers to take part in the trial before we roll IPv6 out across our services at a later date.

That’s why we’ve opted to work with BT to deliver the fastest possible broadband speeds to customers

by launching a trial of two 'Ultrafast' internet services - G.Fast and FOD2.

Existing Zen customers in Huntingdon and Gosforth – two locations selected by BT – were recently offered the chance to sign up to the trial and benefit from

Ready to sign up? VISIT HERE


Let us know how your trial is going if you're taking part!

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