De Beers Impact Report - December 2020

Alldays Cleaning Campaign

We have run a number of environmental programs to not only teach about conservation and environmental sustainability but also give specific learners an opportunity to participate in these projects too. Briershof runs an annual cleaning campaign to clean up the Alldays town area in conjunction with the Vision Africa Community and Wildlife Foundation. Our Learner assist us in this clean up and we collect and fill an average of 200 bags of rubbish! This is then processed and recycled as best as possible but Alldays does not have proper recycling facilities. Last year we worked with The Alldays Wildlife Communities and Research Centre (AWCRC) to recycle some of the collected rubbish.

Community Veterinary Program

Once a year Briershof Primary School assists Vision Africa Wildlife with their annual community veterinary campaign to give free veterinary care to various members of the Alldays community. Many in our our community cannot afford specialist care. We have helped provide many vaccines, assisted with emergency vet care and also helped with a bigger dog and cat free sterilisation program.

Soup Kitchen on Mandela Day

We completed our first Mandela Day community soup kitchen day. We as a school prepared a hot (and tasty!) soup for vulnerable, elderly community members in Alldays. The learners assisted in the whole preparation and serving project! It was an very cold day but there were no complaints in preparing the soup outside as the school has always strived to teach our learners the value in helping others! It was a great day and we ended up running out of soup after serving many people. This will be an annual event now and next year we will make much more soup!


De Beers Blouberg 2020

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