Must Know Facts - Renting in the UK

Must Know Facts – Renting in the UK Property Agents In the UK, agents act in favour of the landlord. Dwellworks acts in favour of you, securing the best possible deal Illegal Fees Visa Checks No visa = no property The right paperwork is critical to securing your dream home. Dwellworks will guide you on UK legislation on Right to Rent checks.

Lease Terms & Risks There can be severe financial penalties if you breach your agreed lease terms. Terms can vary between each agent and need to be clearly negotiated. Dwellworks will secure the best terms possible for your individual situation. Family Size There are strict regulations relating to family and property size. Dwellworks will provide guidance on the right property selection.

Multi-Listing Websites Can be VERY misleading. Dwellworks will help select the best property option for you. Fast-Moving Markets Pressure tactics can be used to push you into a quick deal.

Some agents try to charge fees that they should not. Dwellworks will ensure that you only pay what is covered under UK legislation. Deposit Payments Money is often demanded at offer stage. Dwellworks will guide you on when payments should be made


Dwellworks will help ensure that the correct process is followed. Referencing can be complex Dwellworks will support you through the referencing process. Building restrictions for pets are not always clear when viewing. Dwellworks will help identify suitable properties for you in advance.

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