NZGTA Newsletter - August 2014

time and effort each week. These factors along with the NZGTA office also being located at the NZ Gift Fair office, there was no surprise when the committee unanimously voted in favour Brent Spillane as the new NZGTA Chairman, who also holds the role of Managing Director of the NZ Gift Fairs. Brent has helped shaped some of the more impressive NZ Gift Fair initiatives in recent years including GiftTrader, an exclusive online platform for gift exhibitors to list and sell their product in between fairs, which is now enjoying more than 3000 Gift Fair retailer visits each month. Along with a change of chairman, there has been a further change in guard with the following long standing committee members making way for new representation:  Brian Dick ( Toucan Territories )  David Robinson ( Image Gallery ) With the recent sale of David Archbold’s business, Flower Systems, David has stepped down from the committee. Brian Dick is also making way for new exhibitors to nominate themselves for the role. While these resignations open the door for new entrants to the committee, it is important to not only thank, but acknowledge the support and commitment each of the retiring executive committee

members have made during their tenure to the gift industry and our members.

NZGTA committee members are chosen for their commitment and dedication to the growth and development of the gift fair industry.

Our committee continue to draw on personal experience and learnings gained through the development of their own businesses, a valuable commodity they can then share and also to guide them in the decisions they make on behalf of our members.

For more in-depth profiles on your dedicated committee members check out the feature article in the Spring Gift magazine .

n3 Launch & Progress

YOU’RE A MEMBER, SO ENJOY THESE SAVINGS NOW! On 1 May 2014, the NZGTA launched a ground breaking new partnership with n3. There are 100s of good news stories with many of our members already starting to see significant savings for their business. n3 are a partner with the NZGTA with the organisers of the NZ Gift Fairs significantly subsiding our association membership, so this means that there is no additional cost associated with signing up . They’re not selling you anything, they’re just asking that you get on board to enjoy bulk buying discounts that they’ve negotiated to keep your costs down! So don’t delay further or you will miss some great savings.

A typical member saves 12%

A typical member saves 22%

A typical member saves 17%

A typical member saves 32%

A typical member saves 15%

A typical member saves 34%

A typical member saves 5%

A typical member saves 37%

and many more…

The friendly n3 team are available to answer any questions or to assist you with the process to get on board and start saving, so call them today 0508 20 30 40.

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