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To detox or not to detox, that is the question

spite the distaste for celery, I can vouch for it being highly effective at cleansing and healing the body over a consistent period of time. My body always feels calm and hydrated after. Nothing should be eaten 2 hours prior to this celery juice intake and nothing for up to 30 minutes after consuming it, to allow the goodness of the contents to do their work. Full details of its benefits are in all of Anthony Wil- liam’s books.

So, to recap, as we head towards our seasonal change, our focus needs to be on building resilience and immunity rather than taking away, thereby lightening the bur- den on the organs of the body and bringing our energy up to more ef- fectively fight off pathogens and vi- ruses by giving ourselves the best internal environment. Health is our wealth and we have personal responsibility to look after it rath- er than expecting it to be fixed by the already burdened NHS. Many conditions can be healed by changing our diets and increasing movement and exercise allowing the NHS to be freed up to focus on those kinds of conditions that re- quire expert surgical procedures. We owe it to ourselves to be the best version of us that we can be. Caroline Cousins

depending on who you follow but one of the most popular ways that is on the increase is juicing. Substi- tuting one meal a day with a fresh- ly made juice filled with raw fruits and vegetables doesn’t sound as enticing as a cup of tea, scone and jam but it is a wonderful way to get nutrients into the body, support the liver and take the burden off the digestive system. Currently there are two drinks that are taking the world by storm, with thousands of case studies showing significant changes in people’s chronic conditions. They are celery juice and the heavy met- al detox smoothie. Both of these originate from the highly success- ful author and natural health ex- pert, Anthony William, who has five no.1 bestseller books out, his most recent called, Cleanse to Heal, where he discusses in more detail the reason why conditions like obesity and chronic autoim- mune disorders are significantly on the rise. Like all health routines, howev- er, to get the full impact and ben- efit of these drinks requires disci- pline and consistency. He does not advocate cutting everything out, rather replacing known tox- ic foods with fruit and vegetables and decreasing those foods known to contribute to the pathogens in the body and put increased bur- dens on our livers. His advice has produced astonishing success and having followed it myself over the past two to three years and felt the benefits, I can highly recommend his suggestions. The suggestion is that we start the day on an empty stomach with a minimum of 16 fl oz of pure celery juice that has nothing added whatsoever (that includes no wa- ter). It must contain no fibre and may not be able to be tolerated by everyone to begin with, so it’s wise to build up to this amount and then steadily increase to 32 fl oz, according to the body’s toler- ance levels. Many report seeing initial benefits within a week and significantly more over a period of months. Having been on it myself continuously for two years, de- Conventional medicine will tell us we don’t need to detox our bodies as our organs are doing that for us on a daily basis

S oon we will be in Stoptober, where the impetus is largely focused on giving up smoking. However, after several months of lockdown restrictions, it’s fair to say a good deal of us have en- gaged in consuming a little more alcohol, coffee and cake than orig- inally intended, as some form of misguided comfort, and are now seeking to regain control of our bodies through purging ourselves of these unhealthy habits and em- barking on a cleansing routine. Conventional medicine will tell us we don’t need to detox our bod- ies as our organs are doing that for us on a daily basis, but we are not living in the same world and what we put into our bodies now is markedly different to what our ancestors once consumed. We now live in a society that is infused with all kinds of pollution, mass farming methods forcing a variety of pesticides to be utilised, a con-

were now overweight in the UK alone, seeing an increase in hospital admissions of 23% since 2017/2018. Within that figure, 26% of men and 29% of women were clinically obese as well as 20% of children in year 6. (digital. p u b l i c a t i o n s / s t a t i s t i c a l / statistics-on-obesity-physical- activity-and-diet/england-2020) These figures are increasing exponentially and can only put a greater burden on our already struggling NHS. It’s not hard to see, then, why so many people have turned to alter- native ways of detoxing as a way of taking back control over their health and debilitating symptoms when conventional medicinal ap- proaches have left little change – and in some cases worsened, their conditions. Managing symptoms through the use of pharmaceuti- cal concoctions is no longer the option for many people, preferring instead to get to the root of their issues through diet, fasting and detoxing. We can’t always control what toxins and pollution we are being subjected to in an increas- ingly unhealthy world, but we can minimise our intake of these stressors and support our bodies in such a way to alleviate the bio- logical burden to maximise our re- silience and immunity. There’s no doubt that our west- ern diets on the whole are filled with little nutritional value to our bodies as our consumption of un- healthy carbohydrates and high fat foods have offered little benefit to our already toxic bodies, despite the thrill of the initial consumption as it passes between our lips. Of course in such uncertain times, people want comfort and who can blame them? The uncertainty of a world filled with negative news reports of daily deaths through Covid-19 has forced many to find comfort through food and drink in order to escape the realities of negative propaganda. So, what is the best way to de- tox our bodies and begin that cleansing process? Well, there are a variety of different approaches

stant array of vaccinations in both animals, for human consumption, and ourselves, not to mention the soil quality reducing in mineral content and fruit and vegetables being flown in from all over the world. On top of that, the phar- maceutical industry holds enor- mous power in supplying drugs for most known conditions, which are regularly put into the body under qualified guidance to mitigate any symptoms of a condition we are experiencing. It is now believed that one in two of us will get some form of cancer in our lifetime – a figure that was almost unheard of a cen- tury ago. Not only that but there is a significant rise in autoimmune conditions as well as ME, Fibromy- algia, Lyme Disease, Alzheimers and asthma. Many people also now experience food intolerances, allergies and dermatological con- ditions are seeing an

increase of two to threefold over recent decades in industrialised countries. It is no wonder then that the de- mand for organic produce over the last decade has soared in grocery stores with global sales thought to have increased to 95 billion dollars in 2018 in contrast to only 18 bil- lion dollars in 2000. Vitamin and Mineral sales are an increasingly booming market and many are turning to health coaches, holistic practitioners and influencers who market the benefits of detoxing, despite the conventional medici- nal stance that there is no need as the body is sophisticated enough to do this for us. To a certain extent, conventional medicine is absolutely correct ex- cept the fact that the body is now at a stage in modern life of being bombarded by daily pathogens, mutating viruses and pollution that just weren’t around decades ago. Not only does it do all the amazing things it does, but the body has to also filter out and fight the daily invaders that take it away from doing its normal job of keep- ing us balanced and healthy. With the increase of chronic and debilitating conditions, including diabetes, it seems only sensible that the focus should be on pro- viding the body with the right en- vironment to thrive and thus build our internal resilience and ener- getic reserves. It’s not just a case of shoving an over the counter multivitamin in our bodies either that is going to make the differ- ence. We have to be prepared to make healthy and long-term changes by increasing the consumption of a variety

The second, somewhat delicious smoothie that can be taken with other foods, is the heavy metal detox smoothie, which is said to safely assist in de- toxing heavy metals from the brain and body and has reportedly reversed many chronic conditions in those who have con- sistently taken it. Again, this should be taken dai- ly and is filling enough to substitute for a breakfast or lunch, if desired. It con- sists of: • a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (or carton bought but not from concentrate), • 2 cups of frozen or fresh wild (not our • 1 cup of fresh coriander, • 1 teaspoon of barley grass juice powder (not barley grass powder), • 1 teaspoon of spirulina, • 1 tablespoon of Atlantic Dulse, • 2 bananas • additional water for the consistency you prefer. This can then be blended in a NutriBullet or similar for a delicious smoothie that the body loves and again, full details of its benefits can be found in any of Anthony William’s books. cultivated ones) blueberries or 2 tablespoons of wild blueberry powder,

of fruit and vegetables and reduce some foods which have led the world to an increasing curve of obe- sity. A study published by the NHS this year, reported that 67% of men and 60% of women

With your health you have 1,000 dreams - without it only one

thriving. Every second, our bodies are working flat out to keep us well. Everything we do, and don’t do, either makes that easier or difficult. We can work with it or against it. The very good news is that making healthy changes today will have an impact. It is not too late, or too early, to start! HERE IS OUR RULE OF 6 FOR BUILDING YOUR LIFE OF DREAMS This is our unique way to remember the key elements of promoting health every day. Each element has numerous options. Here I have highlighted a few to help you build your life of DREAMS.

Your health and well-being is all about what is going on inside your body (including your mind). It is about how you adapt to life and changes over time. How you react to infections. How you cope with the stresses of life. How you build your strength and resilience by taking conscious steps to promote wellbeing. The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease. I worked as a Medical Researcher for ten years, investigating immunity, the endocrine system (hormones) and the biochemical processes that linked the two. When I completed my PhD, it was assumed by my Professors, that I would then study

medicine. But my interest was in natural, holistic approaches to health. This was sparked in the 8-year- old me, by a visit to a Chiropractor. He impressed on me (in a very direct Australian way!) that living a healthy lifestyle was the key to health. It gives us all the best chance of enjoying a happy, fulfilled life. The ability of your body to heal is much greater than we have been permitted to believe. Your immunity and your health go hand-in-hand, each depends on the other. Your immune system depends on your nervous system. The nervous system controls everything and it is what keeps us all alive and

joints, muscles and discs are not just designed for motion but depend on it to maintain their function and are depleted without it. It really is move it or lose it. ALIGNMENT ADDS ADAPTABILITY Align your spine to stay just fine. Alignment of your spine is key to your posture and to the proper functioning of your brain and nervous system. It is the superhighway that connects everything in your body. MINDSET IS SO POWERFUL Positive thoughts build positive habits. Habits build health. Fear and stress dampen and threaten the immune system and dull nervous system responses. Reducing negativity transforms lives, not easy but possible.

SUPPORT Supplements support superior defences. As we enter the cold and flu season supplement with zinc and vitamins D & C. These are proven essential nutrients for fighting infections; especially respiratory viruses. Call us for more information. At New Milton Chiropractic, we assess how your body is functioning and train your nervous system to build your health and wellbeing. When you are ready for a proactive, natural and holistic approach to your health, please give us a call on 01425 620 222. We are waiting to help you and your whole family.

DRINK WATER You’ve heard that you are what you eat: you are actually far more what you drink! You are 2/3 water... keeping hydrated is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your health. Always have a glass of water in sight. It prompts your brain to drink more. REST IS RE- CREATION Your immune system works best while you are asleep – your body’s reboot and virus scan. If your sleep patterns are disrupted so is your optimum immunity. If there is something disrupting your sleep sort it out now! EXERCISE AND ENERGY Movement is the key to life - avoid your personal “lockdown”. Your nerves,

Call 01425 620222 for your initial consultation

13 Whitefield Road, New Milton, BH25 6DE

Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer (BSc, PGDipSc, MChiro, PhD) is a Researcher, Published Scientist, Doctor of Chiropractic and Wellness Expert. He leads the team in Whitefield Road, to coach people in our community to better health through natural, safe and effective chiropractic care.

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New Forest Health & Leisure: looking to get active or improve your fitness?

The Natural Health Hub: Guarding against the second wave

I f you think you’ve been unaffect- ed by Covid-19, then you’re kid- ding yourself. There isn’t a single human who has not been touched by coronavirus. It has swept a tsu- nami of uncertainty, anxiety and change through our lives, and longterm anxiety suppresses the immune system and increases our risk of infection. So The Natural Health Hub is advising everyone to take extra health measures to bolster their immunity from now until spring: Vitamin D The NHS advises an- yone who has been indoors more in the past six months to take Vita- min D. We would go further: all of us should be taking ‘the sunshine vitamin’. Studies show that taking Vitamin D can virtually eliminate the risk of admission to hospital with Covid-19 and may complete- ly eradicate the risk of death from the disease. In a study only 2% of Covid sufferers taking Vitamin D went into ICU (compared with 50% of those not on the vitamin), and there were no deaths in the Vita- min D group. Vitamin C It has long been estab- lished that Vitamin C supplemen- tation helps boost our immune system, both taken to prevent infections and viruses and treat them. But did you know the vi- tamin was used in clinical trials around the world to help Covid sufferers with astonishingly suc- cessful results? In one trial there were a third fewer deaths in those given the supplement, a significant decrease in the time these patients were on a mechanical ventilator and their hospital stay was three to five days less. The Vitamin C decreased sufferers’ inflammation level compared to the group given water. Our advice: take 1-2g daily as a preventive, increasing to 6g+ if you fall ill. Probiotics 70% of our immune system is determined by the health of our gut flora (microbiome). So it makes sense to give your micro- biome a boost of extra help right now, especially if you’ve eaten less well in the past six months or drunk more. Junk food and sugar are particularly damaging to gut bacteria. The evidence shows that kids taking probiotics have 25%

less chance of getting some in- fections (especially ear, nose and throat bugs and respiratory infec- tions) and miss 40% less school. Touch Not being able to hug people is another dent to our im- mune function. Research shows that touch (in the form of mas- sage) helps boost our immunity and flush out toxins, increasing bloodflow and the activity of white blood cells. This enables our body to fight diseases and reduces pro- duction of cortisol (the hormone we produce when anxious or un- der stress). So regard a massage or reflexology not as a treat but as a health necessity. Exercise, relaxation & medita- tion Anxiety about the unknown (such as our risk of Covid-19) hy- peractivates the fear centre in the brain (amygdala). This acts like a trigger-happy alarm that keeps our body and mind on high alert for as long as we are feeling anxious. Re- search shows the mere suggestion of ‘danger’ (uncertainty about risk of Covid-19, continually changing guidelines, worrying headlines, mask wearing) is enough to trig- ger the amygdala and activate the stress response. This may keep us awake at night or mess with concentration, plus the damage it causes to the body’s cells triggers an immune system response that makes us more susceptible to a foreign pathogen such as infec- tions or viruses. Exercise, relaxa- tion and meditation are all proven to reduce the action of the amyg- dala. Check out The Natural Health Hub’s website for offers on sup- plements and treatments that will help you guard against the poten- tial of a second wave – and your worry about it! The Natural Health Hub, 87b High Street, Lymington SO41 9AN. 01590 670955. www. Vitamin D: The NHS advises anyone who has been indoors more in the past six months to take Vitamin D.

T here’s no better time to get moving! Enjoy our gyms, dip into our pools or join our fantastic in- structors in one of our group fitness classes. How ever you choose to stay active, be active with us. All of our facilities are COVID secure with increased cleaning regimes, reduced capacity and social distanc- ing markers. This offer is open to everyone 12yrs and over. Your six weeks membership includes use of the gyms, a gym induction, lane swimming (excludes Family Pod Swims), group fitness classes, and multi-site usage. All activities must be pre-booked before arriving at the centre to assist with track and trace. You can sign up in centre or join online until Wednesday 30 September 2020. We will also be accepting new members after Wednesday 30 September so don’t worry if you miss

out on our six weeks offer. Join with us to start your fitness journey, as physical activity can benefit both your body and mind and also lead to improvement in immune health and metabolic health. For further information and to view the member- ship terms and conditions, please visit our website. Final day of six weeks membership sales is Wednesday 30 September 2020. Six weeks mem- bership must be activated by Wednesday 30 Sep- tember 2020. All of our facilities are COVID secure with increased cleaning regimes, reduced capacity and social distancing markers.


Brockenhurst Chiropractic

H ealth and well-being has al- ways been important but during this ongoing current situation we find ourselves in, it’s become essential. Newly working from home or newly back in the office, a lot of people have been sitting at desks not set up correctly for them over the past 6 months, which has in- creased postural problems seen in clinic. Pain caused by postural problems can take time to show, sometimes months and unfortu- nately due to it becoming a bad habit, it’s unlikely to go away with- out some help but will continue to get worse over time. Pain from getting back to exer-

cise after a break is also a common complaint seen in clinic currently, as it takes only 6 weeks to loose any fitness gained when you’ve stopped. Getting your body rea- ligned will not only decrease pain levels, it will also make your body move more efficiently and make exercise easier. Any aches and pains, new or old, can be alleviated by chiroprac- tic or massage treatments, or by any other healthcare professional you may choice to use. Pain, espe- cially if it’s constant, can be detri- mental to your mental health as well as your physical health so if you have a pain anywhere in your body that doesn’t go away within

a few days with anything you try (stretching, heat, ice, pain medica- tion) then you need to seek profes- sional help. Private healthcare clinics have always been a safe place to visit and will continue to be for all pa- tients. Dr Nicola Happé Any aches and pains, new or old, can be alleviated by chiropractic or massage treatments

Reboot your health after lockdown. Prepare for the winter ahead Special well-being packages for these difficult times n Holistic nutrition

n Homeopathy n Reflexology n Facial reflexology n Pranic healing n Weight loss coaching/mentoring n NIS n NLP life coaching

01590 670955 87b High Street, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9AN / TheNaturalHealthHubLymington / TheNaturalHealthHub n Food intolerance testing n Holistic fusion massage n Skin support n Essential viral-defence supplements Discover our health and well-being centre in the heart of Lymington

VOUCHER Bring this voucher to claim your free Immunity Boost Mix when you book your first treatment at The Natural Health Hub

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TheWessex Clinic

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club

W hen lockdown was eased, golf courses were one of the first to re-open. One of the many benefits of golf is im- proved physical fitness. Golf pro- vides moderately intense physical activity, such as walking (socially distanced, of course), carrying your bag, and swinging clubs, which in- creases heart rate and blood flow resulting in a healthy heart, en- hanced brain stimulation, and im- proved balance. It’s time to get outside and that’s where we can help. We are re- nowned as the ‘friendly club’ with an excellent condition course and

appreciative of the Clinic’s profes- sionalism at all times - patients comment that they feel safe and protected whilst receiving their treatments. The reception staff are most wel- coming and helpful; they do their utmost to ensure you are seen as soon and as safely as possible. The Clinic has a great variety of treatments available, not only os- teopathy but also audiology, chi- ropody, counselling, hypnotherapy and now dermatology. This month has seen the start of Dr James Hickey – Consultant Der- matologist who is running regular clinics on site. He is a specialist in skin cancer, acne, eczema, psoria- sis, mole checks and benign lesion removals. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and the British Association of Dermatolo- gists. Rather than have to travel to Salisbury or Bournemouth to visit Dr Hickey, patients can now come and see him in Lymington. Please phone the Clinic for booking infor- mation. Check out The Wessex Clinic for any of your health and wellbeing treatments – we look forward to giving you a warm welcome.

superb drainage, which means the course stays open when others are closed. We never have temporary greens and very few trolley/buggy bans. All 27 holes provide a good test for golfers of all abilities, with un- paralleled views of the sea. We have excellent practice facili- ties and a well-stocked pro shop manned by friendly PGA Profes- sionals. Memberships are available; visit our website www.bosgc. or call 01425 615308 for further details.



T he Wessex Clinic is a popular centre for health and wellbeing and incorporates Wessex Osteop- athy which has been operating in Lymington, under the principal, Gavin Gobell, for over 25 years. The Clinic, at 21 New Street, Lymington, is described as a most warm and welcoming place with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is known for the highly profession- al and specialist therapies on offer. The Wessex Clinic was delighted

from Slimming World, which was support, guidance, friendship and above all the belief that I can achieve my dreams. My members are very important to me, especially with the current Pandemic crisis we are all current- ly living through. When I opened my group, I made a pledge to my members that I will always be there for them throughout their personal journeys, I hope they feel that I have kept that promise. I knew just how much the Pan- demic Lockdown would affect all of my members weight loss journeys, although, I don’t think any of us thought that the lockdown would last for as long as it has, why would we, none of us have ever experi- enced this kind of crisis ever be- fore in our lives. When the lockdown started, I personally struggled with my own journey, so much so that within 5 weeks I gained a stone in weight, something that I had never done since becoming a Slimming World member. Despite having gained the weight, the one sure thing that I knew was that I had the pow- er to take back the control at my fingertips. That control was ‘Food Optimising’ the proven formula for success which has never failed me. Once I took back the control and got back on plan, I lost the weight I had gained, plus more, that is the power of Food Optimising. Ever since the government an- nounced the national lockdown which resulted in all social gath- ering venues having to close their doors, Slimming World worked tirelessly to get all groups re- opened in line with the govern- ment guidelines so that we can once again provide all our mem- bers with the support they find in their group. I re-opened my group in Hordle to re-open straight after lockdown and continues to treat patients whilst adhering to the most strin- gent levels of protection and clean- liness. Most services are back on offer and ensuring that Covid-19 compliance does not detract from the traditional ethos of superb pa- tient care that is paramount to the Clinic. The Clinic has been meticu- lous in following the latest guide- lines and operating at the highest level of care. Feedback shows that patients have been tremendously


Join Us We have memberships to suit everyone: • Academy for beginners • Full membership • Junior, Colt (no joining fee) & Intermediate • Weekend membership for 25 to 44 year olds* *Terms and Conditions apply Did you know..? Golfers average more than 13,000 ste s during 18 holes of golf Join us... breathe in fresh sea air, take in the spectacular view ... play golf and get active in 2019! For further information, prices and an application form contact Rebecca on 01425 615308 email or visit Full Membership • • Junior, Colt (no joining fee) and Intermediate • Weekend membership for 25-45 year olds JOIN US TODAY! We are open all year round and have memberships to suit everyone:

SlimmingWorld success

maintained, all members/visitors are asked to confirm attendance in advance in order to manage the group size. A one way system has been im- plemented for the queue and for movement around the group and the room layout and seating has been arranged to ensure social distancing is maintained. The social team are fully trained regarding social distancing and other safety measures. Posters, floor-markers and sneeze screens (provided by Slim- ming World) will remind members of social distancing rules and hy- giene best practice. A separate session specifically for brand new members has been put in place to manage the group size. The Slimming World equipment, the admin areas and chairs are wiped down between group ses- sions. The kitchen area has been kept closed and designated as the First Aid safety zone, the venue toi- lets are available for use and are cleaned thoroughly after each use. Hand sanitiser, disinfectant

wipes and gloves are provided for members’ use during the group and all persons within the venue are informed that masks/face vi- sors must be worn. To prevent cross-contamination the Social team members do not share desks, swap duties, share equipment during the group to prevent cross-contamination. Protective screens provided by Slimming World create a barri- er between members and social team at Pay and Weigh, where social distancing may not be possi- ble. All members are asked to slot their membership card into a card reader to maintain social distanc- ing from the social team helper. Members are required to leave their shoes on to be weighed and to bring their own pens to com- plete their own progress records All members/visitors are made aware of the need to self-isolate if they are displaying any of the rec- ognised coronavirus symptoms. All of my members are fully compliant to all the guidelines set in place to ensure that we protect each other and keep our group open.

M y name is Bill Richardson, I am the Slimming World consultant for the group that runs every Tuesday evening in Hordle, Hampshire as part of the New Forest & Waterside team

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club, Milford Road, New Milton, Hants BH25 5PP

on 1st September 2020 as a regis- tered COVID-secure business. Before I could resume group I had to put in place a blueprint of requirements for the safe reopen- ing of the group, complying with the Government’s ‘Working safely during Coronavirus 5 main steps’. I liaised with my venue owner and agreed a COVID-safe access, layout and cleanliness best prac- tices for the group and that social distancing will be maintained as per national guidance. I was advised by my venue owner that in accordance with the governments guidelines that I was restricted to a maximum of 26 people within the venue at any one time and that a track and trace reg- ister must be in place. To be able to accommodate all members, both existing and new, the group is cur- rently run over three sessions of 45 minutes with breaks in between to allow time for cleaning. To ensure that all guidelines are

My weight loss journey with Slimming World began on 24th August 2015, to date, I have lost 15 stone and have been at my target weight for 30 months, I still follow the Slimming World Plan. It is now part of my everyday life. Joining Slimming World journey has transformed my life, I am fit- ter, healthier and clearer in mind. I have been part of the Slimming World family for 5 years as a mem- ber and 2 years as a Slimming World Consultant. Slimming World not only changed my life for the better, I believe it actually saved my life, My passion and believe in the Slimming World plan only grows stronger each passing day. The main reason why I became a Slimming World Consultant was to be in a position to give my members exactly what I received

COVID-19 Safe-guarding policies and procedures all in place

The clinic has a wealth of professional expertise for you to call on 01590 673377 A centre of excellence to help you with a variety of physical, mental and life problems. For further information, prices and an application form contact Rebecca on 01425 615308 email

Audiology • Chiropody • Counselling • Clinical Hypnotherapy Dermatology • Life & Cancer Coaching Nutritional Therapist • Psychosexual Therapist

A big welcome to specialist Dr James Hickey – Consultant Dermatologist, running regular clinics on site. Direct Dermatology booking Service: 01590 540190


Treatments include: Cranial Medical Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Structural Helping pregnant women, the elderly, children and people with chronic pain.

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