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Three Projects Build on Sumner’s Future for Roads, Utilities

It rains and water runs down the street. You wash the car, rinse your dinner dishes and take a shower. You commute to and from work. So much of what ev- eryone does every day impacts the health of our community and environment. A city must balance, process and mitigate these impacts so that every- one can enjoy a clean city and a clean natural environment around it. Right now, there are a lot of projects happen- ing around Sumner helping do just that. Wastewater Treatment Facility The Wastewater Treatment Facility is getting a much needed expansion to continue to meet our needs and protect

our rivers. Sumner’s state- of-the-art facility routinely wins awards for efficiency and excellent production from the State Department of Ecol- ogy, but space was running out. This $12 million expan- sion will add capacity to serve Sumner and Bonney Lake long into the future. The expansion is funded primarily through grants and the cost is shared with Bonney Lake. Although you will see con- struction when you exit 410 at Traffic Avenue, the project should not affect you. 136th Avenue Corridor Sumner’s 136th Avenue (known as Valentine Road in Pacific) runs north 1.5 miles from 24th Street in Sumner to County Line/Division Road

in Pacific. With increasing traffic and development, this once sleepy two-lane road with ditches is now overused. Sumner has been working with neighboring Pacific for nearly ten years to assemble grant funding to improve this road, adding a traffic light at 24th and 136th in Sum- ner, bicycle lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and better stormwater facilities. The cities have now assembled the funding for this $18 million project and construction is beginning. Sumner is manag- ing this entire project even though only about a third of it is within the City of Sumner while Pacific works to improve segments of Stew- art Road. Construction has begun and will cause minor

delays to vehicular traffic on 136th Avenue. If you’d like to receive project updates, email tedh@ci.sumner.wa.us. East Sumner Regional Stormwater Facility Sumner had long planned to build a regional stormwater facility to better serve the east end neighborhoods. With the construction of the YMCA, this project became even more important, and it was time to make it happen. The City is installing a stormwa- ter detention vault, upgrad- ing water and sewer systems and repaving roads in the area to add curb, gutter and stormlines. This $3.5 million project is being funded by the City. Construction, especially of the roads, can cause some medical condition. Sum- ner’s Chief this year is Maci Hughes, a student at Maple Lawn Elementary who battled leukemia this past year. Maci’s favorite colors are pink and purple; she enjoys playing with Barbies and Legos and loves anything Hello Kitty.

OTHER PROJECTS: Bridge Street Bridge design is underway and construction of the new bridge begins next year. Main Street Chip Seal was completed this summer. Stewart Road Bridge replace- ment is being designed, and the City is applying for con- struction grants. Main Street Sidewalks are be- ing constructed. 160th Ave Sidewalks need to be installed and the City applied for Transportation Improvement Board grant funding delays to vehicular traffic through the area. For updates on traffic impacts, visit the City website at www.ci.sumner.wa.us. Thank you to this year’s sponsors: Bank of America, The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse, Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Starbucks, Farrellis, Unified Grocers, Sumner Po- lice Guild, Franco the Tailor, and the Auburn Applebees.

Businesses Help Police Make Chief for a Day Special The Sumner Police Depart- ment thanks all the Sumner businesses who helped make

Pets Get Online Update

this year’s Chief for a Day another memorable experi- ence. The program celebrates the lives of children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic

Metro Animal Services now has a new website that makes it easier for you to get pet care information, license

your pets, and even search for your new pet online and by mobile device. This way, you can make sure that Fluffy is safe even while you’re waiting in line or riding a bus. Metro Animal Services is operated by the City of Sumner and serves Sumner, Puyallup, Algona, Bonney Lake, Edgewood, Milton and Pacific. Visit www.metroanimalservices.org to see all the options to help care for your pets and those in our community waiting for their own Forever Family.

Sumner’s “Chief” Maci Hughes shared a day with Chief Brad Moericke (left) and visited many Sumner businesses, including The Old Cannery where she was welcomed warmly by their staff (right).

Trail Celebration Friday October 23 2 pm On the Trail

New Buttons Help Keep Drains, Streams Clean

In order to keep streams clean, only rain can go down the storm drain. After all, the drains bypass the Wastewater Treatment Facility

and flow right into the Puyallup River, so dumping oil or paint into them is the same as dumping it right into the river. Soon, you’ll see “buttons” above Sum- ner’s storm drains to help you remember and help visitors realize that Sumner is trying to keep our region’s streams, rivers and Sound clean. As part of their Eagle Scout project, local teens are installing the “buttons” around town. Sumner has used stencils before, but this is the first time using our own button, designed just for the Sumner community. Learn more about Sumner’s stormwater and what you can do to help keep our streams clean at http://ci.sumner.wa.us/living/environment/stormwater.

Join the City of Sumner and other trail partners in celebrating the “opening” of the Sumner Link Trail. Ride your bike along the trail with Mayor Enslow, enjoy food and festivities, and discover new gems along Sumner’s own trail.

More event details at www.ci.sumner.wa.us.

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