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developed to help generate and advance a manufacturing cell line which collectively enabled both therapeutic antibodies and a vaccine to enter clinical trials in less than 6 months. The Beacon system is the only integrated platform able to successfully support both the antibody discovery and the cell line selection phase of bringing biologics to market. This provides an additional efficiency as drug developers are no longer forced to invest substantial time and effort into acquiring disparate technologies that must be integrated into a single development process. Instead, the Berkeley Lights platform offers a fully integrated, single state-of-the-art technology that provides access to one of the fastest paths from drug target to commercialization on a single system.

To learn more about how leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs and CDMOs, and academic

centers have implemented the Berkeley Lights platform visit berkeleylights.com/Target-to- IND.

Figure 2: Rapid discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies and vaccine candidates to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

References 1 Zost, SJ et al. Rapid Isolation and Profiling of a Diverse Panel of Human Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein. Nature Medicine. (2020 (https://www.nature.com/ articles/s41591-020-0998-x) 2 https://www.nature.com/ articles/s41591-021-01294-w 3 https://www.scienceboard.

cell lines for their COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Berkeley Lights worked with UQ to create a bespoke cell line development assay, which enabled the UQ team to isolate clones with 10-fold higher titer than they had previously recovered using traditional technologies – all in just 2 weeks. The Opto™ CLD workflow enabled rapid translation of these molecules into manufacturing cell lines using a variety of quantitative assays, rapid expansion, and FDA-accepted monoclonality assurance. And importantly,

the Berkeley Lights team was able to remotely develop and deploy this custom assay, which saved valuable time in the race to advance potential COVID-19 therapies to the clinic. As Samantha Black, Editor in Chief of The Science Advisory Board, put it, “Perhaps most impressive of all, these significant changes…were all made online. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the scientists at Berkeley Lights and the University of Queensland worked together virtually to develop an entirely new assay and push the vaccine candidate

toward a Phase I clinical trial.” 3

From Drug Target to IND on a Single Platform When compared to traditional methods, the powerful combination of antibody discovery and cell line development on the Beacon system enabled drastic reduction of drug discovery and development timelines. The Beacon system allowed for direct functional profiling

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of B cells from COVID-19 patient samples to rapidly select lead molecules and a customized assay was

For further information berkeleylights.com/Target-to- IND.


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