Rickmansworth School GCSE Pathway 3 Option Booklet

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Overview GCSE Dance is a comprehensive study of Dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural context. It thrives in helping students acquire subject knowledge, fitness, healthy lifestyles, team work and creativity.

The course strengthens the development of technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance.

GCSE Dance is taught during students timetabled core PE lessons. As such, students selecting Dance will be studying 10 GCSE’s.

Costs £6 for GCSE Dance t-shirt

Trips Trips (to dance performances and workshops) will be arranged throughout the course . Ticket prices £7-£15 Pathways Further Education: A Level dance, BTEC level 3 in dance (performing arts) University: BA (Hons) in Dance, Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre, Choreography Careers: Performer, Actor, Choreographer, Teacher, Theatre Critic, Community Youth Worker , Theatre Director, Theatre Stage Manager


Component 1

Component 2

Performance and Choreography (60%)

Dance Appreciation - Written exam (40%)

• Solo performance. Dance set by the exam board that students replicate. Shift and Breathe (15%) • Performance in a group/duo (15%) • Choreography from a set stimulus provided by the exam board. (Choreographed and performed as a solo or group) (30%)

• Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills. (37.5%) • Critical appreciation of own work. (22.5%) • A critical study of eight professional works. (40%) Each work is between 10 & 30 minutes in duration. Works will cover a range of styles and style fusions including:

• Ballet • Urban

• Contemporary • Inclusive dance • Dance for camera/film • Dance from other cultures

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