August Newsletter | The Heart of Healthcare Issue 16

This summer, we invited all three federal party leaders to walk the walk. Justin Trudeau immediately responded with an enthusiastic response saying “I’m in and looking forward to it!” Mr. Trudeau, true to his word, spent Sunday, July 19 walking in the shoes of SEIU Healthcare PSW, Emily. Our invitation for the other two candidates to walk-a-day with one of our member’s is still open and valid. In June, our president Sharleen Stewart invited a very enthusiastic Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to walk a day in the shoes of a Long Term Care worker. Dipika Damerla also immediately accepted the task and a decision was made to open up the opportunity to all eligible members through an application process. The application process is open until August 14 and we will announce the successful applicant in the next edition of the newsletter. SEIU Healthcare is really proud to bring these unique and rare opportunities to our members! Watch the video of Minister Damerla accepting the walk-a-day challenge SEIU Healthcare, on behalf of members, would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Walk-A-Day politicians for taking time from their busy schedules to experience first-hand, the dedication and commitment our members show in occupations that are physically, mentally and financially challenging. As the federal election approaches and you are asked to make an important decision, SEIU Healthcare wants you to ensure your voice is heard by voting and that you support those who support you!


On July 18, over 50 SEIU Healthcare members participated in the launch of SEIU’s Federal Election strategy. They learned about why “Politics Matter”, they talked about the political issues that affect them in the workplace, in their communities and at home, and most importantly, they committed to vote and volunteer. At SEIU, we have seen the power of political action. We’ve seen our Homecare PSW sisters and brothers stand up and advocate for better wages and working conditions by participating in campaigns that have raised awareness about the importance of homecare. We’ve seen the effect that knocking on doors and having conversations about politics with


colleagues has. Over the next few months, SEIU Healthcare will engage in member-to-member conversations about the importance of voting and will continue to grow our political footprint. But we can’t do it without you. Governments and decision-makers hear a lot of competing voices, so we must ensure your voice is one of the loudest. Only with your participation can we reach our goal of ensuring a better quality of life for you and your family. Say you’re in and contact us today. Please fill out our online survey or email us at for more information.


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