Head's Newsletter 11 December 2015

Dear Parents As the term comes to an end it is amazing to reflect on how much has been done in these last two weeks alone! We have had not only all the usual high quality classroom teaching, and sports fixtures, but also among other things, visits to the Imperial War Museum for year nine, GCSE mock exams, dance performances, and the House drama competition, featuring some very impressive productions written and performed by students within the Houses. We also held a fantastic ‘Voices for Christmas’ concert featuring the Tiffin Oratorio Trebles and Cambiata , as well as the Thames Youth Choir (which we run for students from different schools as well as Tiffin), the Tiffin Children’s Chorus, (which we run for students in primary schools and Year 7), and our own superb Tiffinians, a close harmony group. We also kept up our programme of visiting speakers with a fascinating talk on the origins of life from Dr Nick Lane, one of the most prominent British scientists.

TIPRA is supported by parents, like other parent groups such as FOTM (Friends of Tiffin Music). They need your support! They are active in raising funds, and are requesting your help. The money they raise goes towards the post-match food, among other things. If your son is involved in the rugby matches, can I urge you to read and respond to the letter that was sent home yesterday from TIPRA; in this way we will continue to improve the sport at the School, which is so important to the education of Tiffin boys.

We look forward in the last week of term to our wonderful Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols for guests, parents and Alumni on Wednesday evening, and for boys on Thursday afternoon. Parents are most welcome to attend the traditional Festival at the Parish Church on Wednesday evening; if you would like to come, please contact the school office as there are still some tickets available; entry is by ticket only. I am afraid that we cannot accommodate guests or parents on the Thursday. On Thursday boys will be dismissed about 3.30 from the Kingston Parish Church. We finish term on Friday and boys will be released from School by midday. I would like to thank parents for all of their support during this term and I would like to wish boys and their families a very happy Christmas and refreshing break. Term starts again for all students on Monday 4th January at the usual time of 8.30. Yours, M D Gascoigne, Headteacher

Many parents who have been to Grist's recently to watch the rugby will have noticed the investment in the new kitchen facilities, which have been partly paid for by TIPRA, the Tiffin Parents Rugby Association. If you haven’t had the chance to see for yourself, no doubt your son, if he has been playing a match, would have told you about the dramatic improvement in post-match food! Luke Leeves, Head of Biology with Dr Nick Lane, UCL, and Deputy Head Boy, Ahmed Alhussni

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