Oxford Cem SE

Oxford Cem SE

Introducing Oxford Cem SE Dual cure self adhesive luting cement

The simple solution: No extra etching No extra priming No extra bonding

Only Oxford Cem SE

Oxford Cem SE is a very innovative dual cure luting cement for inlays, onlays, crowns & bridges and posts. This product has been developed not only to simplify and reduce the dentist’s work but also to ensure the final results. With a very good color stability and a tooth like fluorescence Oxford Cem SE allows superior esthetic restorations.

Features and Benefits



Simplified application

No acid etching step No separate priming step No separate bonding step Reduces sensitivity Saves time and money! Strong adhesion without bonding

Self etching

Self adhesive

Cost and time-saving! Esthetic restorations Caries protection Light cure to allow an immediate retention Self cure to reach also dark areas (e.g. for post cementation)

Excellent color stability High fluoride release Dual cure

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