From the Point of View of a Resident in Manchester.

Read November 22nd, 1899.

By A. W. F lux , M.A. (Professor of Political Ecøéomy in The Owens College).

I n preparing the paper I lay before you this evening I have been influenced, in the first place, by a desire to follow up a useful line of work initiated in this Society by our late lionoured Vice- President, Mr. John Galloway. But, beyond this, I desired to direct attention in particular to the problem of Local Taxation. I felt that to- write on Copenhagen finance, apart from any reference to the objects attained and the methods of administra­ tion followed, would leave very much to be desired. Hence my paper is much longer than I could have wished, in order that it may include a sufficient amount of information on the points which are desirable for the proper understanding of the financial problem. Naturally, when entering into a certain amount of detail, interesting points arose on which I felt it to be desirable to say something, even though it did not tend directly to my main purpose. I have, nevertheless, omitted any special reference to a considerable number of tempting features, so that, long as my paper is, it might easily have been much longer. I adopt some comparisons with Manchester in order to get the measure of the matters referred to. For obtaining a satis- factory conception of a new thing we instinctively adopt a comparison with something familiar; the more familiar, the more

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