Associate Magazine - FBINAA - Q3-2022


(1) The Lester A. Davis Award is an annual award established in 2002, to recognize a person for Out standing contribution to the FBI National Academy Associates. This year’s recipient is Betsy McCreery . Presenting the award are Ken Truver and Howard Cook . (2) The FBINAA National Board presented Past President Joseph F. Hellebrand , NA Session 197, the Resolution of Appreciation , the Association’s Highest Honor. Presenting the award are Ken Truver and Howard Cook . (3) Tribute to Loyalty Award awarded to Edward Werder , NA Session 91, and Arnold Daxe , Jr. , NA Ses sion 91. Presenting the award are Howard Cook , Ken Truver , and Tim Cannon . (4) The Livio A. Beccaccio Award , which is a living memorial presented to an FBI National Academy Associate member who has demonstrated exemplary character through an act of heroism, outstanding community service, innovation in law enforcement, or leadership reflective of that by which FBI Special Agent Livio A. Beccaccio lived. This year’s recipient is Major Art Littlejohn , NA Session 192. Accepting the award for Major Littlejohn is Major Matt Davis , Assis tant Chief of Police, Lexington Police Department, NA 262, President of SCFBINAA Chapter. Presenting the award are Ken Truver , Tim Braniff , and Howard Cook . (5) The annual Legacy Gift was awarded to the Jimmy Malone Scholarship Program , Cleveland, Ohio. Accepting this year’s ward was its founder, Jimmy Malone . Presenting the award are Howard Cook , Craig Petersen , and Howard Cook . (6) Host Conference Section IV Most Valuable Mem ber Award presented to Carl Roark , NA Session 220. Presenting the award are Ken Truver , Tim Cannon , and Howard Cook . 7) FBINAA Charitable Foundation Virtual Yellow Brick Run Chapter Participation Award presented to the Hawaii Chapter . Presenting the award are Steve Cox and Kelli Bailiff . (8) FBINAA Charitable Foundation Science and In novation Award presented to Kevin Dillion . Present ing the award are Howard Cook , Steve Cox , Kelli Bailiff , Joey Reynolds , and Ken Truver . (9) This year’s SA Lauirie Volls-Fournier Scholarship winners included:

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