Associate Magazine - FBINAA - Q3-2022

Sherie Rebollo Unit Chief, FBI National Academy ACADEMY UPDATE O n Sunday, July 10, we welcomed National Academy Session 283 . It is exciting to have students back at the Academy after a four-week break. Our instructors and staff are rested and ready for a new session. We are also proud to announce the creation and implementation of the International Partnership Program (IPP). Historically, international students have faced numer ous challenges upon their arrival to the United States and to the National Academy. Among these challenges are culture shock; language barriers; distance from their loved ones; lack of communication resources, such as Wi-Fi and cell phones; lack of transportation to participate in outside events; and lack of networking opportunities. Pairing domestic students with inter national students immediately upon arrival can help eliminate many of these issues. The students will guide, support, and provide direction to one another. Both international and domestic students will learn

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from one another’s cultures and professions. The program will provide a platform for the students to share leadership values with each other and create long-lasting partnerships. Through various events, the students will gain mutual understanding, foster friendships, and create networking opportunities. The program is an added value to the National Academy Unit. The foundation of the IPP is based on three fundamental FBI values — leadership, compassion, and diversity. We are enthusiastic about this new program and look forward to the positive rewards it will yield.

IPP Session 282.


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