Associate Magazine - FBINAA - Q3-2022


I t is hard to imagine that your Charitable Foundation has now been assisting our members for 12 years. As many of you know, this past year has been one of the busi est for the Foundation in providing support to our active members. Louisiana was hit extremely hard with numerous storms. We were able to provide assistance to 19 of our members in that state alone. Additionally, we provided $1,000 college scholarships to 21 students beginning their freshman year. The Charitable Foundation also has been extremely active in connecting with members at chapter conferences and events. One of the best ways to accomplish this was through the creation of our Ambassadors Program. This program started three years ago when many of our members became interested in assisting the Foundation in a variety of ways. Since the board is limited to a set number of members, this is an alternative way for individuals to get involved and to represent their chapters as well. I have listed those names if you wish to reach out to them. AMBASSADORS: Neil Stratton , California; Mike McCann , New Jersey; Don Tuten , Florida; Jeff Kruithoff , Ohio; Greg Guiton , North Carolina; Mike Werner , Ohio; Chuck Hauber , United States; Jimmy Bartholomae , Louisiana; Bill Sorrells , Tennessee; Doug Horton , South Carolina; Greg Laurain , Michigan; Max Santiago (Legacy Videos), California; Jennifer Baskerville , Texas; and Bob Rosch , Wisconsin. If you do not see your state listed and are interested in getting more involved with the Foundation, please contact a board mem ber at I have to brag on the Foundation board members also. They work hard to assist all members, and there is a tremendous amount of time-consuming work that goes on behind the scenes to handle the various fundraisers and special events. Our business partners are also invaluable. 5.11 has been with the Foundation for many years, beginning in 2012 with their kilt fundraiser. That program transitioned into the annual St. Michael t-shirt fundraiser. Each year that fundraiser alone brings in more than $30,000.

Ed Fuller , former president of Marriott International, current owner of Laguna Strategic Advisors and renowned author, has graciously sponsored our Hawaii trips, which brings in more than $20,000 annually. Lastly, Robert Rose , B ansbach Easylift Gas Springs, had to step down from his board position at the end of 2021 due to work. However, he committed to support the Foundation and is handling the packaging and shipment for our Yellow Brick Road fundraiser. That alone has saved the Foundation thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours. I cannot say thank you enough to each one of you for all you do for our members. Lastly, the Scientific and Innovation Award , chaired by Co Chair Steve Cox , enters its fourth year. Please look at any partner ships that may fall into that award recognition criteria for the 2023 conference presentation in Denver. It is a real honor to work with this great group of individuals. I also appreciate all of the support from each chapter and their members. Stay safe and healthy.

Doug Muldoon, Chair

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