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Natural disasters can devastate communities, causing life-threatening conditions and dramatically impacting the government agencies that are expected to respond. Whether conducting a rescue or coordinating a large-scale evacuation, communications services are essential. Accordingly, it is critical that first responders have the right partners by their sides, partners who have been tried and tested to deliver on the promise of reliable and trusted communications. M an-made emergencies and natural disasters are occurring more often than ever before, anywhere and at any time. And as technology has evolved, so has public safety’s dependency on LTE and 5G networks for mission critical services. In line with its demonstrated commitment to public safety, T-Mobile for Government continues to invest heavily in the resources and personnel that support our nation’s heroes – the first responders who protect and serve our communities. EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM The T-Mobile Emergency Response Team (ERT) is committed to the goal of delivering trusted, reliable connectivity for our government and critical lifeline partners during all phases of business operations, conti nuity of government, and emergency response efforts. The ERT comprises a national cross-functional team of professionals experienced in multiple aspects of public safety, homeland security, emergency manage ment operations, and mission-based support. The team is available 24/7/365. ERT engages in all phases of the planning, response, and recovery cycle by:

• Integrating into agency-specific planning, drills, and training exercises • Helping customers identify and implement technology strategies • Coordinating communication resources for disaster response • Facilitating situational awareness and information sharing • Fostering public-private partnerships

ERT personnel have helped first responders handle thousands of emergency and non-emergency situa tions for more than 20 years, providing support for man-made and natural disasters, as well as national spe cial security, field training exercises, and other public safety-driven events. ERT members regularly partner with agencies to provide solutions that help first responders regain control of situations in the field.

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