Risk Management

Hints and Tips

Remember, risk management’s all about improving our chances of success.

Don’t be afraid of raising risks; what’s the worst that can happen!

Don’t be afraid to accept risks you’re comfortable with – risk management’s about getting to the point where we can do so.

Keeping things proportional will help ensure any additional work to better manage risk is minimal; risk management should just be part of what we do.

Get others involved. Risk doesn’t respect organisational boundaries and we need to work together to better see and understand the bigger picture.

Write it down so you know what you’ve done and what we still have to do; after all, the palest ink trounces the sharpest memory. Documenting things in risk registers, for example, also makes reporting and sharing of information much easier.

Click here to try the online risk management training or check out the Group Risk Team intranet for helpful guidance and tools.

Don’t be a stranger – the Risk Advisers in each of the LoBs and in the Central Risk Team are approachable and are on hand to provide support and guidance where required. You can find out more by clicking here .

It’s always great to share ideas. If you have any useful hints and tips make sure to share them with the risk management community.

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