Lias Product Guide

flame detection


Features • 110 or 230v opperation

• For use with flame rods (Ionisation rod) • Solid state self check for continuous use • 1 x SPDT Flame on relays • 1 x SPST Fault relay • 1 x 4-20mA flame quality output. • Test jacks

• DIN rail mountable • Self checking LED

• Flame on LED • Plug in base • Approved for SIL2 Installations • Can be supplied in Zone 1 / 21 enclosures up to 4 per box • Atex zone 1 cable available • Ionisation and ignition electrodes available in safe or Atex enclosures

Fuel Types Gas + Oil

Markets Served Mainly Process and Pilot torches

Special features This Din mountable relay fits neatly into any enclosure. Its self check and SIL certification mean that it can be installed in areas with the most demanding safety requirements. For further information call Lias Industrial Ltd on +44 (0)1204 594 941

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