Lias Product Guide

burner Controls


Features ‘Y’ model • 110 or 230v operation • For use with Gas or Oil

Features YZ300 All boiler or burners interlocks are wired into the YZ300. This then gives the unit the ability to determine which individual component caused the unit to lock out. An example of this could be high gas pressure, low oil temperature or low water level. All the interlocks are completely programmable and not all need to be used. This unit will save engineers hours as the fault is displayed in clear writing on the Burnerlogix display.

• Can be used with UV, UV self check, Ionisation rod, infrared or with 95 and 85 series scanners. • Complete programmable control for burner sequencing • Small footprint • Choice of wiring bases • LED and VFD display • Burner lockout history • Modbus comms • Valve proof of closure • Compatible with YZ300 first out annuciator

Features ‘Z’ model Exactly the same as the Y model but with the added features of a full boiler control • Connect up to 3 pressure and temperature probes • User defined set point for temperature and pressure • 4-20mA output for modulation control • Lead and lag for up to 3 boilers • Thermal shock protection • Alarms for over temp / pressure / high stack temp For further information call Lias Industrial Ltd on +44 (0)1204 594 941

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