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Nexus NX6100 Efficiency Product

Features • 110 or 230v operation • Can be used with UV, UV self check, Ionisation rod, infrared or with 95 and 85 series scanners. • Fuel gas ration control • Oxygen trim • VSD output • Single or multi fuel input • 4-20mA in for external temp control • Programmable relays • Connect up to 10 servo motors • Can- Bus controlled for easy installation • Complete boiler control • Small foot print • Burner lockout history • Modbus comms • Valve proving function • Lead and lag for up to 3 boilers • Thermal shock protection • Alarms for over temp / pressure / high stack temp

Servos Motors for Fuel and air

NX6100 control chassis

10.4” colour Touch screen/ PLC

Standard Display

In-situ oxygen probe For further information call Lias Industrial Ltd on +44 (0)1204 594 941

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