Lias Product Guide

high Energy lances and cables

Features Ignition Lances • Maintenance free operation • High energy spark self-cleans tip

• Stainless steel construction • Can operate up to 1100°C • Replaceable tip • 1/2” male connection

• Safe area has quick disconnect • Available as EEXD IIC T6 (Zone 1) • Different diameters available for easy retrofit • Exact replica available to fit competitors’ cables etc • Can be made up to any length • Specials available for acid gas etc.

Shown as Atex version

High temperature cable for flares

Fuel Types All

Markets Served All

Diameters available 17mm 14mm 12mm

17mm and 14mm have interchangeable tips and can be supplied with a reduced final diameter of 12mm. Welded tips can be supplied for gas turbine installations


Safe Area Cable For further information call Lias Industrial Ltd on +44 (0)1204 594 941

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