Chef Daniel

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c h e f Da n i e l C a p r a

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By 5 a.m., Daniel Capra is already out the door and headed to the g ym. Once there, he warms up on the speed bag and gets his heart rate pumping with a few skips on the jump rope before starting his daily 90-minute kickboxing routine with his personal trainer. After a quick shower and breakfast, the clock strikes eight, and Capra’s day officially begins in the kitchen. The countless hours he has spent in this space practicing culinary techniques that required continuous repetition with a high degree of precision—under pressure-mounting conditions—has given Capra a definitive edge in mastering his craft. From his humble roots in New Orleans, where he started out as a busboy at an upscale Italian restaurant in the French Quarter, to his time in the kitchen of the James Beard House in New York City, Capra has garnered a reputation for exhibiting the utmost level of discipline that he puts forth in creating each and every dish. As the Executive Chef of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in the San Francisco Bay area, Capra is leading the charge to elevate the entire wedding dining experience—one dish at a time.

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