December Banter 2019

Managers Report - December

Hello everyone,

Yes, it’s the end of the year and we’re about to be living in the twenties! The mind boggles at the thought of all that has happened in the past decade and just what we could be in store for in the next one.

We had the Global Financial Crisis, The Tsunami in Japan, Obama was replaced with Trump, Smart phones grew bigger, and now Tablets are used in the classroom. We have Uber Cabs, Tesla Cars, Drones everywhere and now a licence on the phone, to mention but a few of the many things that have popped into our lives. Locally Newcastle now has trams, Supercars and one less suspiciously shaped tower on the waterfront. As I said, the mind boggles when you start to think on it. As for 2019, what a busy year it’s been with so many changes throughout Bayway Village. The grounds crew have moved into a new shed, while the old workshop and compound have gone and made room for new home sites. The old pool has also gone, and we now have a new indoor pool that will mean the local ducks will have to go and find somewhere else to share their love. A lot of vacant sites have seen brand new homes installed while some of the caravans have given way to relocated cabins. The Men’s Shed has also gained a new meeting room and bus shelter. To launch into the festive season, we are having our annual Social Club Christmas party get-together with local artist Sonya Lee providing entertainment from 5 till 9 on Friday 6 th . This is a very popular event, so come along, bring some nibbles and join the festive fun with fellow residents and friends over an evening of singing and dancing. As with all of our market days the Bayway Village Xmas Market on Nov 16 th was a great success. Market days have become a very popular event and everyone who comes along has a delightful day. There was a good turnout with the build up towards Xmas and all those that attended got to enjoy a lovely day. I look forward to the upcoming markets in the New Year. The winners of our annual Xmas lights competition will be chosen on Monday 16 th . A big thank you to everyone for making the village so well lit up and sharing the Xmas spirit in the weeks before. I’m sure Santa will have no problem finding the place on the big day. Besides supervising and watching out for children throughout the village over the summer holiday sea- son, please be thoughtful of visitors and guests parking and the importance of keeping the streets within the village free of vehicles that will block traffic flow. Pet owners, please remember to keep your animal on a leash at all times when outside your home and ensure that you pick up droppings when taking your pet on daily walks or using the community centre dog run. Also, please respect your neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum.

Our office will be closed between Tuesday Dec 24 th and Thursday Jan 2 nd .

We will also place skip bins out near the pool amenities for all the extra waste over Xmas. Have a great December, remember to ‘slip – slop – slap’ and enjoy a lovely Christmas.


Manager Peter Hindmarsh can be contacted on Ph: 4928 2929 or

December 2019 / Issue 12 / Page 2

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