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GIVE NEW LIFE TO AN OLD CARPET If you have carpet in your home and are looking to sell, you may be wondering if you should replace it. Of course, putting in all-new flooring is a big job and might not be in your budget. Alternatively, if you’re house hunting and come across a property you love that has carpet – these tips on how to give new life to an old carpet are for you too. • Brighten a faded carpet with water, salt and a rag. Mix salt into the water, soak the rag and then ring it out. Give the carpet a scrub, periodically re-soaking it. You also may need to change out your salt water if it gets too dirty. • If your carpet is super dirty or has soiled spots, open up your windows and mix ammonia with water. Then use a rag or mop to clean. Because ammonia is very strong make sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first. • If your carpet is clean, but you recently moved furniture and want to get rid of the dents left behind, melt an ice cube in the dent. Then grab a fork and gently fluff the fibres. • Consider renting a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store. DIY carpet- cleaners can get out stains you thought would be there forever.

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