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Carbone, Sandy, Martel, and Third VP Daniel Kinsella (Hamilton Po- lice, Ontario) are all Co-Chairs for the event. The trio met with Jean Chiricota (Quebec City Conven- tion Center) and toured the city confirming locations for events and activities. Carbone and Sandy report that Quebec City is absolutely amaz- ing and is a perfect location for a National Convention, with it’s historic atmosphere and unique culture.They promise this is a conference you will definitely want to plan on attending. n Kim Derry , 2010 National President, receives the 2015 Chief Colin T. Millar Award for Leader- ship, Innovation and Community service from Chapter President Mark Gates .

(L-R) Mark Gates, Kim Derry.

Paul D. Burdette, Jr., center, with family.

NORTH CAROLINA n On November 9, 2015, Paul D. Burdette Jr. was sworn in as the Chief of Police for the Beaufort (NC) Police Department. He attended the 256th Session of

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