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How PETA Is Veganizing Everything Born into a world full of cruelty-free foods? Well, this is how it all vegan:

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Did you know that PETA’s first vegan action was a 1980 protest outside Arrow Live Poultry, the last slaughterhouse inWashington, D.C.? Customers could pick out chickens from cages and have the terrified birds’ necks cut right in front of them. No one had protested in behalf of chickens before, so the demonstration garnered massive media attention – a signature PETA strategy in the years to come. It also prompted an investigation by the health department, which revealed numerous violations. The facility shut down. PETA was determined to make people sit up and listen – and change their eating habits. Since then, the organization has used pizzazz, such as ads starring celebrities in dresses made of cabbage leaves; practicality, as when conducting investigations into slaughterhouses and farmed- animal prisons; and fun, through food giveaways galore – and more. The results have been phenomenal. PETA’s investigations have netted many firsts: the first police raid on a US farm, specifically one producing foie gras; the first cruelty charges against a farmer, after thousands of chickens starved to death; the first felony indictments of farmworkers for horrific conditions at a pig-breeding facility in North Carolina; and the first felony charges – and

the first convictions for factory farmworkers – for abusing farmed turkeys.

In addition to informing people about abject cruelty in the meat, egg, and dairy industries, PETA’s mission has always been to make it easy for them to switch to a vegan diet, including by offering shopping tips, nutrition information, and recipes. PETA was the first animal rights group to embrace “test tube” meat, offering $1 million 10 years ago for the first commercially viable in vitro chicken, funding biologists to conduct cultured-meat research, and providing Memphis Meats with the first patent. Fifteen years ago, PETA’s Veg Advantage program laid the groundwork for restaurateurs, chefs, and other food service pros to embrace vegan options by providing sources for products and recipes. A recent UK survey found a 987% increase in demand for meat-free options in 2017 alone.

H O W I T A L L B V E G A N • H O W I T A L L B V E G A N • H O W I T A L L B V E G A N •

Nearly four decades after PETA saved those chickens, we are entering a new and exciting

era of eating – and it is vegan.


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