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PETA Exposes Bloodsucking Companies

A MESSAGE FROM Ingrid Newkirk PETA’s President

PETA released government photographs and documents revealing abuse in the antibody production industry. At ProSci, rabbits, llamas, goats, sheep, and cows are injected with toxins and other substances and bled repeatedly in order to produce antibodies. Rabbits are crammed into row upon row of filthy, wire-floored cages, and many have oozing eyes, dried blood on their ears, or painfully overgrown nails. Federal inspectors have documented more than 39 animal-welfare law violations at the facility in the past three years alone. This misery could end today: Superior, human-relevant antibodies can be created without using any animals. The PETA International Science Consortium is already tackling this issue by funding the development of antibodies made in the laboratory using donated human blood cells.

I t was 1980, and PETA had just been launched. The only vegan hot dogs came in a can from the Seventh-day Adventist market. They were called Big Franks – you can still buy them! We got a permit from the US National Park Service and set up a table beside the LincolnMemorial on the National Mall. We fired up a wok powered by a car battery and started frying onions. Attracted by the aroma, people flocked to the little table. Someone was selling meat hot dogs nearby, but ours looked different. “What are they made of?” a man asked. “Plants!” we said. “Ew,” said the man, and he moved on to buy a hot dog made of blood, toes, nostrils, flaps of skin, and other offal instead. Still, we sold some of ours and gave lots away, and that was the start of PETA’s vegan outreach. What a far cry that was from PETA’s 21 st annual vegan hot dog lunch on Capitol Hill this past summer! Members of Congress and their aides lined up around the courtyard to sample delicious Beyond Sausage franks and take free vegan cookbooks. There were no wrinkled noses or puzzled looks, just smiles and enthusiastic questions, such as “Where can I buy these?!”

Victory! Goldfish Win Big

PETA Helps People Make the ‘Handmaid’-Dairy Connection Just as the highly anticipated second season of the smash-hit TV series The Handmaid’s Tale got underway, PETA members took to the streets to remind people that buying dairy “products” supports a real-life handmaid’s tale. Mesmerized onlookers were urged by handmaid “cows” to stop supporting a lifetime of trauma to cows through rape, forced pregnancy, the kidnapping of their offspring, and other abuse by going vegan. Get dairy-free recipes and other tips on making compassionate choices by ordering a free vegan starter kit at .

Mouse: © Jody Boyman • Goldfish: © • Llama: © • PETA Asia Captivity Ad: © He Lei, He Studio • Jermaine Dupri Ad: © Photo:Allen Cooley • Barber: Korey Finney • Stylist: Renaldo Nehemiah • Makeup: Zoe Simone • Beets: ©

We will stop giving goldfish away right away – that was the response from Ireland’s Bundoran Adventure Park after PETA UK warned that giving away live fish as prizes could cause them to die within days as a result of unintentional neglect at the hands of people who aren’t properly prepared to care for them – or even as a result of deliberate cruelty. Fish are sensitive, intelligent, social animals who communicate, cooperate, and use tools.

Take Action Now Visit to help end the use of animals in antibody production and to encourage the investment in scientifically superior, animal-free technologies .




Husband-and-wife actors Dai Xiang Yu and Chen Zi Han slipped into straitjackets for a powerful ad urging everyone to skip any activity that exploits orcas. The text, which translates as “Captivity Drives Me Crazy,” points out that being confined to a tiny, barren tank and forced to perform takes a serious toll on these intelligent, social animals. The ad was so striking that it garnered more than 2.4 million views on Miaopai alone, a video channel as popular in China as YouTube is in the US. PETAAsia: It’s Insane to ImprisonOrcas

VICTORY! Feds Pull the Plug on Mouse Torture F or the first time in more than a decade , University of Pittsburgh animal experimenter Rajesh Aneja is without funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He had squandered $1.4 million in taxpayer money on inducing painful, deadly sepsis in hundreds of mice, puncturing their intestines and allowing feces and bacteria to leak into their abdomens. But thanks to a PETA eyewitness video exposé, protests, ads, letters from PETA scientists to NIH and Pitt officials, and more than 129,000 e-mails from PETA supporters to NIH, the government gravy train has been derailed.

Recently, a Dutch woman made “blood sausage” out of lentils and herbs mixed with her own blood. People said, “Ew,” but it got them thinking, much as PETA’s “human BBQs” (that’s yours truly on a Mumbai beach in 2013) and other eye-catching protests do. Inch by inch, vegan hot dog by vegan hot dog – using billboards, creative demonstrations, and more – PETA and its affiliates around the globe are getting people to make the connection between the animals they care about and the meat on their plates. “Ew!” is turning into “Oh!”

Jermaine Dupri ‘Spits’ the Truth About Being Vegan Jermaine Dupri is no longer garden his secret. The rap superstar and legendary producer collaborated with PETA to share what fuels his creativity: veggies! “I want the world to know the vegan lifestyle, to me, is the best lifestyle,” he says. “I feel like anybody that has a problem with their energy level being right, tired all the time, you can definitely feel the difference.” Watch PETA’s “rap session” with Jermaine at .

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