Inkspot Term 2 2017




 Hop in the bath and treat yourself to a night of relaxation and pampering by heading over to the DIY face mask section!  Hear about one of the newest brunch spots to try out in the holidays…  There are so many high achievers in both sport and PA who aren’t recognized! Get to know more about people with hidden talents!  Update your photo album with the latest and funniest memes, we won’t disappoint, we promise!  Get to know the House Captains a bit better! If they had the chance to swap their partner captain, would they?  Who are the celebrities among us? Have a look at the student lookalikes!  Check out our recent Spotify playlists that are sure to prepare you for Splendour!

 Not sure how to prepare for the holidays? Check out the Horoscope section to read your June/July predictions ;) you just might have some good things heading your way!  Want to feel inspired? Read our very own Vivi Baker’s poem, Aftershock!  Don’t stay home these holidays, get out and about! We touch on the best, upcoming festivals, concerts and events so that you have something to update your Insta followers on everyday ;)  Find out the latest gossip from this year’s Class of 2017 Formal! You’ll also find some cheeky photos from our teachers’ formals!  Face the music and check out the latest album releases and hear from our music reviewer on what you may like/dislike about them!  Trying to save money these holidays? Head to the thrift shop and DIY some of the clothes into funky, trendy outfits!  Look bangin’ on a budget by shopping online if you don’t wanna head outside, just don’t forget to get some vitamin D!  What’s coming up next term? Get ready to have a full schedule Year 12s!!  Can’t fall asleep? Find out about some of the best, new books by heading over to the “books to snuggle up with” section!  What’s going on in the world??

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