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Service innovations bring improvements to panel/board quality and press productivity Better cleaningand repair withnew service tools

THELAUNCHOFTWO innovative new service tools – the SandvikQuickCleaner and QuickAnnealer – opens the door

to improved productivity through faster, easier, belt cleaning and improvedproduct quality through enhanced belt repair techniques. Both these factors are going to become increasingly important over the coming years, asGlobal ProductManager,WBP, Jörg Kauffman explains: “Competition across globalWBPmarkets is only going to intensify somanufacturers will have to look to differentiate throughquality of end product.

“These tools tackle two of the biggest problems faced by manufacturers. Their development reflects our commitment to helping customers achieve a premium quality product with lesswaste and greater productivity.”

Look inside for details of thenew QuickCleaner and QuickAnnealer service tools.

USA LOCATION FOR FIRSTPRODUCTIVITYCENTER INAMOVETHAT recognises the strength of partnership between Sandvik,pressOEMs and thewiderWBP industry, we have taken the first steps towards establishing aworld- wide network of dedicated Productivity andDesignCenters.

The first of these – now under construction inTotowa, New Jersey,USA – opens later this year andwill, asGlobal BusinessDevelopmentManager StaffanKarlsson explains: “provide a focal point for our partnershipwith theWBP industry and others.” “We’re investing in state of the art facilities to showcase our engineering and service capabilities.These centers will also have seminar and presentation areas wherewe canwork together to share best practice,build engineering skills, and bring new efficiencies tomarket.”

“a focal point for our partnership with theWBP industry and others”

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