MASCOT Workwear - Unique Brochure

The lightest trousers in the assortment With a weight at only 205 g/m² this is the lightest trouser fabric quality in MASCOT’s assortment. The fabric is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The high content of cotton makes the trousers comfortable, breathable and soft against the skin. Polyester in the material adds durability. And despite the low weight, trousers in this fabric quality have a very high durability.

Many spacious pockets The trousers are equipped with lots of pockets to store all your items: front pockets, back pockets, a thigh pocket, ruler pocket and pen pocket. One front pocket has an inner pocket suited for a phone. Alternatively, the thigh pocket has also room for a phone.

Flexible kneepad pockets with high durability The kneepad pockets are adjustable and made from durable CORDURA ® , proven to be seven times stronger than cotton. The kneepads are inserted from above and the pockets are closed with flap and hook and loop fastening, so they don’t collect dirt.

Flexibility and freedom of movement The trousers are designed to follow and support all of your movements. This is evident through the use of a low waist with form-cut waistband to ensure that the trousers fit correctly at the back without gaps, even when bending or squatting. The ergonomically formed trouser legs ensure that nothing tightens or bothers.

Durable seams and details Even though the fabric is lightweight, the durability is high with triple-stitched seams and other features. An extra layer of fabric is used to reinforce the pockets that are used the most, where the pockets are attached. The pocket openings at the back pockets and front pockets are also reinforced with CORDURA ® .


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