MASCOT Workwear - Unique Brochure

Responsible production

Durable products are sustainable products

Recycled resources Many resources are used in the world’s industries, but there will not always be an endless supply of new resources. That is why we need to focus on using recycled materials - waste and used materials - that can be recycled. That’s what we do at MASCOT. All of MASCOT’s padded lining is made using a large amount of recycled polyester. MASCOT also has a large range of T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts made from recycled plastic, which has been transformed into new polyester yarns. Other products are made from organic cotton, which means that the cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or sprayed chemicals. Not all products are made from recycled materials, as in some areas this can affect, for example, wear resistance, quality or colour. However, a large part of the packaging comes from recycled materials. At MASCOT, cardboard boxes, paper and a new generation of plastic product bags are either wholly or partly made from recycled materials.

Responsible consumption is, for example, buying products that last a long time, to avoid frequently buying new products and using new resources. This also applies to workwear. MASCOT only offers products that have been tested for long-term use. This applies to everything from fabric and reinforced seams to extra reinforcement in areas that are particularly subjected to wear and tear. We produce clothes in our own factories and can therefore guarantee 100% quality control. All this means that MASCOT’s products last a long time. And this has a major impact on the sustainable balance sheet.

To ensure quality, many of the fabric types have undergone a thorough course of testing, such as wear tests, tear strength tests and break tests. High quality is at the core of MASCOT’s DNA. MASCOT’s slogan and consistent work method has always been TESTED TO WORK.


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