MASCOT Workwear - Unique Brochure

CSR-certified production MASCOT’s production is certified according to the most comprehensive certification within CSR – SA8000.

The vast majority of MASCOT’s products – from our winter clothing to our workwear – is made at our very own factories. When many millions of quality products need to be produced each year in an effective production chain, there is a definite need for skilled and dedicated employees. That is why we have our own, experienced HR departments, both in Vietnam and in Laos. Since we recruit all of our employees ourselves, we can guarantee compliance with the minimum age limit for full time work and ensure that there is no child labour at our factories. All employees have good employment conditions with good salaries, and there is complete transparency with regards to remuneration

and bonuses. Any overtime hours are reported in advance and remunerated in accordance with higher percentage rates. Employees naturally have freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Companies that achieve SA8000 have, for example:

No child labour

No forced labour

A good working environment adapted to local conditions

The right to organise

No discrimination

An effective management

Health and Safety

Reasonable working hours and wages

system for control of subcontractors’ employee relations

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