Knowledgemill Update - October 2014

This document is an update from the training and Q&A documents that have previously been released, in support of the implementation of the Document Management System, Knowledgemill. This document is aimed at addressing some of the questions we are frequently asked and to give greater clarity about ongoing actions and development of the system. The following topics are covered in this document: • Why did we implement a document management system • Training & Super Users • User Group • What are the rules around creating new folders • What do we file in Knowledgemill? What do we file hardcopy? Where do we file? • Filing copy invoices • Deleting files, moving files • Search • Spec jobs how do we handle • Subject naming • Content migration (from server drives e.g. J, O, S) • How does system handle PDFs • Identified issues • New release Why did we implement a document management system? In recent years, our business has moved from a paper centric business to one that is dominated by electronic communications. More and more of the advice we are giving is communicated via electronic mediums. The document management system is aimed at addressing the challenges the business has faced in accessing and sharing these electronic communications, especially email and sharing information across teams and locations. We have a number of objectives for KnowledgeMill, which include: • To improve access to information held by the company • To create a consistent database to store all job / client information, which can be shared across teams and business units • Easily accessible audit trail for all job/client files • Ability to export audit trails for use at tribunals including documents and emails in chronological order • Facilitation of cross team working/sharing of information • All email relating to jobs kept on job file and not personal email folders • Easy search for information • Archive process for electronic information/emails • Security of confidential information • Tight integration of document management with Outlook

We hope you agree these are challenging objectives for the new system and we are confident KnowledgeMill will improve the business processing of GL Hearn.

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